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Scott Weiland Launches Clothing Line

Scott Weiland Launches Clothing Line

September 1, 2010

Scott Weiland
On August 29, Scott Weiland sat down with ExploreMusic host Alan Cross in Toronto to discuss a wide array of topics, from the launch of his new clothing line to the status of Stone Temple Pilots and even his next project: a Christmas album. They began by discussing Weiland For English Laundry, a new clothing collaboration with English Laundry designer Christopher Wicks, which features rock-inspired wovens, vests, t-shirts, pants, hats, ties and scarves. Weiland said the clothing line was inspired by David Bowie's look in the late '70s as well as '60s-era Rolling Stones.

"I think that fashion and music really go hand-in-hand," Weiland told Cross. "If you look at Elvis Presley through the '60s where it really took off -- Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who -- fashion influenced Rock & Roll, which influenced fashion. Whenever they're synonymous with each other, that's when there's a real possible movement that can happen. The last real movement that happened in Rock & Roll was Grunge. It may not have been the most glamorous of fashion movements, but it was a real movement within Rock & Roll."

The singer then explained that he hopes a career in fashion design is a long term thing for him as he doesn't want to be "a slave to the road" anymore. "I'd like to tour when I want to tour, but I really prefer making albums," he said. "I love performing when I want to, I detest the feeling when it comes down to punching in the clock every night. It's difficult in the Rock business for everyone, so I am trying to branch out into other artistic endeavors like fashion."

When asked how the Stone Temple Pilots reunion has gone so smoothly, Weiland replied, "It's a family. It's like any relationship with four brothers. It's politics, it's a democracy. We don't always get along, but we've found out how to get along and how to make it work."

Weiland also said he will do more solo projects in the future and that he's in the process of recording a Christmas album right now. It will be "traditional Jazz style" music with strings, upright bass, horns and piano, and Weiland is still picking various versions of the Christmas songs he'd like to cover.

The full interview segments can be viewed on the ExploreMusic website here.


(I totally agree with Scott that rock n roll and fashion go hand in hand and influence each other. The look he is trying to create sounds really cool & classy at the same time. Wish him much success.)

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