Monday, October 30, 2006

The Doors/Blondie Rapture

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Danzig is a Doll

Here's a doll for your rock collection.

Glenn Danzig Is A Doll

by Paul Cashmere

Forget Barbie. Rocker Glenn Danzig is the new doll in town.
The limited edition ‘3 Faces of Danzig’ have been released in the USA.
The three dolls feature the different eras of Danzig.

The "Misfits-version" Danzig which wears his classic skull-and-crossbones black T-shirt from the Misfits' "Walk Among Us" album cover; "Samhain-version" Danzig, covered in dripping blood ala the "Initium" LP cover, and "Danzig-version" Danzig, which is shirtless and comes complete with the trademark Danzig belt buckle and upside-down-cross medallion necklace as on the "Lucifuge" album.

The dolls are manufactured by Japanese company Medicom and sold in the USA by By The Chaser merchandising.

Each dolls retails for $75.

Danzig will be on tour across November.

Dates are:

17 The Fenix, Seattle, WA
18 The Big Easy, Spokane, WA
19 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
21 House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
22 Soma, San Diego, CA
25 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
26 Sunshine Theatre, Albuquerque, NM
28 Rainbow Ballroom, Fresno, CA
29 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
30 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sabbath Reunion With Dio Official

Black Sabbath With Dio Reunion Is Official

A representative for BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has confirmed that the highly anticipated and much-rumored reunion of Iommi, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward appears to be shaping up and taking a new form. After various promoters have approached the former SABBATH bandmates' respective representatives, the guys have started taking all of this very seriously, as they have aparently wanted to reunite for some time now. It looks as if the new shape may be that of HEAVEN AND HELL — that is the moniker that the band is likely to use on their new venture. If all goes well, HEAVEN AND HELL should be hitting the road in early 2007.

In an August 16, 2006 appearance on the syndicated radio show "Rockline", Dio had the following to say about the possibility of further collaborations with BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi:

"We've already written one [new] song together. The reason for that is that there's a release coming out, it's called 'Black Sabbath: The Dio Years' — they've already done one, of course, 'Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Years'; that was the beginning and, really, the best part of it all — but they've decided to do one, again, 'Black Sabbath: The Dio Years', and we wanted to make it a little but more special, not just give you things you've not heard from a live perspective. These are two things you'll never hear again — two new songs. We are going to do that. It's been fun already. The one we've done — the one that I've done with Tony has been really wonderful — just great to realize how magnificent a player he was. You forget that after 10 years at a time that you don't work with someone. So we are gonna be doing that. And I hope you'll like it. I think it'll be great."

On the rumors of him possibly rejoining BLACK SABBATH, Dio said, "There's always rumors about everything — about a RAINBOW reunion, about a BLACK SABBATH reunion. Our purpose was to do this because we wanted to have this product be a bit more special than anything else — not just, 'Here's a live track you've never heard before.' I mean, that's cool, but I'm sure people have heard that. We wanted to do something a bit more special, so the whole band would write and play these songs, and… They've wanted to hear them long enough, so here they are. But it's not anything that we've talked about leading to anything other than that. No, it's for that project."


Cobain Tops Elvis

Rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley ceded his crown to Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain on's list as the top-earning dead celebrity.

The list, published on Tuesday, said grunge rocker Cobain earned $50 million between October 2005 and October 2006. Presley wound up in the No. 2 slot with $42 million, down from last year's $45 million. bases its dollar amounts on licensing deals for using the deceased celebrities' work or image in advertising or elsewhere.

This was Cobain's first time on the list in its six years of publication. Presley has ruled the roost since its inception, said staff writer Lacey Rose.

Cobain's coup was due to his widow, actress and singer Courtney Love, who sold a 25-percent stake in the Seattle grunge group's song catalog to New York music publishing company PrimeWave.

Ranked after Presley is "Peanuts" cartoon strip creator Charles Schulz at $35 million.

Rounding out the top five were Beatle John Lennon at $24 million and groundbreaking physicist Albert Einstein at $20 million, whose estate profited from such licensing deals as the popular "Baby Einstein" educational videos.

Other celebrities on the list include Theodore Geisel, better known as children's book author Dr. Seuss; rhythm & blues pioneer Ray Charles, silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe and reggae superstar Bob Marley.

Past top earners include songwriter Irving Berlin and actor Marlon Brando.

Copyright 2006 Reuters.

This isn't suprising in a way, because time marches on and Elvis though huge both alive or dead is now so from in past and from the past that someone newer had to replace the top guy. Most young people would probably know Elvis, but would more likely buy something from Kurt Cobain or Nirvana.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Patti Smith Plays Farewell Gig At CBGB

PATTI SMITH played an emotional last gig at New York punk mecca CBGB last night (15OCT06), insisting the venue in which she was discovered will always be in her heart. The GLORIA star performed alongside her longtime guitarist LENNY KAYE in a set which included a cover version of DO YOU REMEMBER ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO? by the RAMONES. She said, "We can have CBGB in our hearts, but the new generation is going to have their own places to play. "They're going to find some s**t hole and play in it like we did." On Saturday (14OCT06) BLONDIE stars DEBBIE HARRY and CHRIS STEIN performed the penultimate gig at the legendary club, calling the venue's closure "terrible". CBGB boss HILLY KRISTAL, who lost his lease last year (05), is moving the club to Las Vegas, Nevada. It is expected to open in spring 2008. The venue hosted the New York punk revolution in the mid-to-late 1970s, staging regular shows for Smith, the Ramones, Blondie and TALKING HEADS, among others.
16/10/2006 12:58


NEW YORK (AP) - The final chords reverberated off the black, sticker-covered walls of CBGB as the grungy, iconic club toasted the end of its 33-year residence in New York. Rock poet Patti Smith headlined the Sunday night concert, CBGB's last before eviction by its landlord - the Bowery Residents Committee, a homeless advocacy group that owns the property. The club will close Oct. 31.

Hundreds of music fans packed the small downtown club Sunday, while reporters hovered outside. The mood was both somber and raucous at CBGB, hailed by many as the birthplace of punk.

"This place is not a ... temple," Smith said during the concert. "It is what it is."

She refused to wax nostalgic, instead claiming at a pre-show news conference that doubled as a sound check that "CBGB's is a state of mind" that will carry on elsewhere for a new generation. She later noted with relish that CBGB, at 33, was the same age as Jesus.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea surprised the audience, joining Smith's band for much of her second set. Having turned 44 at midnight, he was treated to a loud, enthusiastic "Happy Birthday" by the band and crowd.

Much of the concert was filled with reminders of changed times. Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast the show live, and digital cameras populated the audience.

Nevertheless, Smith often struck a '60s vibe, urging change and awareness of issues such as the disputed treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. She sang covers of the Who's "My Generation" and the Rolling Stones'"Gimme Shelter" with obvious parallels to CBGB.

The club was founded by Hilly Kristal in 1973 and over the years helped spawn the careers of such acts as the Ramones, Blondie, the Talking Heads and Television. Though its glory days are long gone, it has remained a symbolic fixture on the Manhattan music scene.

The crowd paid tribute to many of the bands forever connected to the club - including several chants of "Hey ho, let's go!" from the Ramones' classic "Blitzkrieg Bop."

Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads were on hand, as was E Street Band guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt, who had battled to keep the club open during the protracted dispute over its future.

The Bowery Residents Committee's decision not to renew CBGB's lease when it ran out in August 2005 sparked protests, tributes and vigils for more than a year. Kristal recently gave up his legal fight to stay.

Though weary from his battle with lung cancer, he remains combative about his club's exodus from the Bowery, and said Sunday he was "very disappointed" in Mayor Michael Bloomberg for not saving the club.

Still, he says he remains focused on "generating the energy" for CBGB, which he plans to move to Las Vegas. It's very much alive as a brand, too. Kristal will transplant its store, CBGB Fashions, to a new location a few blocks away on Nov. 1.

"I'm thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the next day, and going on to do more with CBGB's," Kristal said Sunday.

Frantz said he and his wife, Weymouth, had to attend the finale because CBGB is like the "center of gravity for us." He reflected on the club where the Talking Heads got their big break.

"It just had a super cool ambiance or electric vibe ... even though it was pretty much a dump," Frantz said.

With a capacity of barely 300, CBGB was founded as a place of freedom for different musical acts. Smith said Kristal "always gave us a job, just like tonight."

"He was our champion and in those days, there were very few," she added.

Though its letters stand for the music Kristal originally planned to present there - country, bluegrass and blues - it quickly came to represent the physical epicenter of early punk and the storied downtown scene of 1970s New York.

Smith's final encore was a quiet poem listing many of the musicians who have died in the years since they played CBGB, but perhaps the more fitting send-off came right before it. The band played the punk staple "Gloria," verging back and forth between choruses of "Gloria! G-L-O-R-I-A!" and "Hey ho, let's go!"

The crowd shook its fists high for the Ramones' classic - an anthem to CBGB and so much more.


I'm sorry to see the club go, as I was there many years ago in the late 70's and saw Patti Smith no less :) but it truly will remain in spirit. Hopefully it will open up again soon. I do wish it was staying here in the East Coast where it should be.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Great Lies of The Music Business

Great Lies of The Music Business

The booking is definite

Your check's in the mail

We can fix it in the mix

This is the best dope you've ever had

The show starts at 8

My agent will take care of it

I'm sure it will work

Your tickets are at the door

It sounds in tune to me

Sure, it sounds fine at the back of the hall

I know your mic is on

I checked it myself

The roadie took care of it

She'll be backstage after the show

Yes, the spotlight was on you during your solo

The stage mix sounds just like the program mix

It's the hottest pickup I could get

The club will provide the PA and lights

I really love the band

We'll have it ready by tonight

We'll have lunch sometime

If it breaks, we'll fix it for free

We'll let you know

I had nothing to do with your marriage breaking up.

The place was packed

We'll have you back next week

Don't worry, you'll be the headliner

It's on the truck

My last band had a record deal, but we broke up before recording the album

Someone will be there early to let you in

I've only been playing for a year

I've been playing for 20 years

We'll have flyers printed tomorrow

I'm with the band

The band drinks free

You'll get your cut tonight

We'll supply someone for the door

You'll have no problem fitting that bass cabinet in the trunk of your car

There'll be lots of roadies when you get there

It's totally compatible with your current program

You'll have plenty of time for a soundcheck

This is one of Jimi's old Strats

We'll definitely come to the gig

You can depend on me