Thursday, March 27, 2008

Madonna Again a Dominatrix

Madonna Gets Slutty (Again) For Hard Candy Cover

by Paul Cashmere - March 27 2008

Madonna is going back to her old dominatrix image on the cover for her new album 'Hard Candy'.

The pop superstar, who turns 50 in August, will grace the cover of her album wearing dark blue silk underwear, leather boots and with a strap in hand.

'Hard Candy' is Madonna's 11th studio album and will be her last for long-time label Warner.

The first single from the album, '4 Minutes' featuring Justin Timberlake, was released on March 17th.

'Hard Candy' will be released on April 26th in Australia and April 29th in the USA.

Most of the tracks were written by Madonna with Pharrell Williams. '4 Minutes', 'Dance2night' and 'Miles Away' were written with Justin Timberlake while 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' and 'Voices' are both Madonna only compositions.

The tracklisting is:

1. Candy Shop
2. 4 Minutes
3. Give It 2 Me
4. Heartbeat
5. Miles Away
6. She s Not Me
7. Incredible
8. Beat Goes On
9. Dance 2night
10. Spanish Lesson
11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
12. Voices

(The song titles on her new album appear to be quite hot. I like Madonna's dominatrix image, very cool & sexy...glad she's going back to it. Curious to hear it and see the lyrics.)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

End Of Velvet Revolver

Scott Weiland Announces End Of Velvet Revolver

by Paul Cashmere - March 22 2008

As we expected, Velvet Revolver is about to call it a day, but the announcement seemed to come as a surprise to come of the band members.

Singer Scott Weiland dropped the announcement on the audience in Glasgow this week, much to the intrigue of the other members of the band.

"You're at something special really tonight," Weiland said. "This is the last ever Velvet Revolver tour".

The band then played the appropriately titled 'Fall To Pieces'.

We already know that Weiland's former band Stone Temple Pilots will shortly reform for shows. How long the reunion lasts is anyone's guess.

In a statement after the gig, drummer Matt Sorum published at his website the following:

"So last night was interesting. Had a little band turmoil on stage as you probably all could tell. Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you just don't get along. I guess there has been more turmoil lately I guess with the cancellations and all".

"It has been frustrating I am not going to lie. My career and life in Rock n Roll has come with its ups and downs. Unfortunately some people in this business don't realize how great of a life they have. Touring the world, meeting great people and fans all over the world. And just playing music for a living. I feel truly blessed. But sometimes the road can be draining for some, being away from home and family does grind on you sometimes. With all the traveling and different beds. Personally I Love this Shit and sometimes can't believe I am so lucky to still be doing what I do for a living".

"Everybody could see who was unhappy last night but all I can say is Let's keep the Rock alive people!!!! In this life u just pick up and keep moving. And don't ever let anybody stand in your way. The Truth Rock On!"

The last scheduled show for the band is April 1st in Amsterdam.

(This is very interesting, it opens the door for possibilities. Would Slash go join Axl again? Will Weiland record new music with Stone Temple Pilots again? Will Slash record a solo album? Anyone's guess what might happen. I did like some of Velvet Revolver's music especially 'Head Space')