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Hot for Fall - Rocker Fashion

Rocker Fashion

The chains and studs that scared your mother in junior high are back in style this fall, but lose the purple hair dye and tighten—yes, tighten—your leather pants, for a form-fitting, rocker chic look.


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Axl Rose Wars With UK Festival Promoters

Axl Rose Wars With UK Festival Promoters

by Andrew Tijs - August 30 2010

Axl Rose sneers at promoters as Guns N Roses’ Leeds Festival set is cut short.

At the Reading Festival, Guns N Roses came on an hour late and had their set curtailed by the UK’s noise restriction laws which prevent festivals from carrying on after midnight.

The band returned to play their Leeds Festival headliner with the same snarky attitude, Rose claiming that the promoters were cutting them off again.

NME reports that Rose said from the stage at 11:20pm, "We would like to play a few more songs for you tonight. But someone is telling us the show's over. This war ain't over yet."

He claimed that the band were told earlier that they could perform until 11:58pm, but the Leeds and Reading festival boss Melvin Benn refuted the claim.

Following the outburst, the Gunners did an encore of ‘Paradise City’ and left, Rose telling the audience “Be safe getting out of here. And for the problems with the promoters: fuck you.”

Despite Axl’s combative statements, Benn said that he would “definitely” book the band again but doubts he'll "be getting a Christmas card from them, which is a shame because tonight was great".

(They shouldn't have been late, but being rock stars with attitude they feel they're above everything. If the promoters did in fact tell GnR that they could play till almost midnight then said we never said that, I can see why Axl told them fuck you, tell it like it is Axl :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New York: Blondie

My New York Blondie's view

One way or another, new wave icon Blondie has retained their punk aesthetic since banding together 35 years ago. Founders (and former lovers) Deborah Harry, 65, and Chris Stein, 60, bemoan the demise of grass-roots stomping grounds such as CBGB and Mother. “The whole nature of culture in New York has really taken a nose dive, basically,” says Harry, a longtime Chelsea resident. “It’s much harder for musicians and artists to do what they do without really having to scuffle.” Blondie, meanwhile, continues to do what it does. The group, which also includes drummer Clem Burke, plays at the Nokia Theatre on Tuesday night and plans to release an album of new material, “Panic of Girls,” later this year. This is their New York.

Read more

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Here's a little Zeppelin for you to enjoy...

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Rock n Roll Bandanas

Rock n Roll Bandanas

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Rock n Roll Incense

Rock n Roll Incense

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Robert Plant's European dates

Robert Plant's European dates:

2nd September - HMV Forum, London

14th October - Annext, Stockholm

16th October - Sentrum Scene, Oslo

18th October - Usher Hall, Edinburgh

20th October - The Sage, Gateshead

21st October - The Olympia, Liverpool

24th October - Palais De Sports, Paris

26th October - St David’s Hall, Cardiff

27th October - Symphony Hall, Birmingham

31st October - Palace Theatre, Manchester

1st November - Olympia, Dublin

2nd November - Waterfront Hall, Belfast

Robert Plant Happy Entertaining Without Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant interview: singer happy to entertain without Led Zeppelin reunion

By Neil McCormick
Published: 3:59PM BST 20 Aug 2010

Back in the 1970s, as the priapic frontman for Led Zeppelin, Plant pronounced himself a “Golden God”. These days, with long, curling hair and roguish goatee beard, the 61-year-old rock deity comes over more as a wise old sage.

Sitting in a hotel lobby in Dallas, he says, in a soft, Midlands burr: “This city brings back a lot of memories. This was where I rehearsed for my first post-Zeppelin gig.

"It was all huge emotional chaos in me, ’cause I was about to go out without the great force field. I was the only one carrying this thing, this myth state, to the centre of stage. There was a huge feeling of loss.”

It was his role fronting the ground-breaking, world-conquering rock quartet for 12 years that established Plant as one of Britain’s greatest voices, and rock culture’s most defining archetypes.

So what is he doing here, three decades on, playing a tour of intimate theatres with an all-singing ensemble of American roots and country virtuosos, in a group named in honour of his teenage psychedelic blues outfit, Band Of Joy?

“Well, that’s what I feel like,” he says. “Somewhere between a teenager and an old man, making my debut album. It’s freedom.”

Plant genuinely seems to be having the time of his life. While fans and former band mates have been clamouring for a Zeppelin reunion, Plant has been resolutely pursuing his own idiosyncratic path.

And it has taken him somewhere close to where it all started, singing blues and folk in clubs around the English Black Country.

“The sort of haphazardness of the way this thing developed makes me think of those glorious days when there was no concern about maintaining success, it was just so free.”

The original sixties Band Of Joy featured Plant and lifelong friend, the late Led Zeppelin drummer, John “Bonzo” Bonham.

Plant depicts himself as a white kid trying to interpret “all that kind of miasma of the dark voodoo hoochie coochie black American thing”.

Band Of Joy, he says, were fiercely in pursuit of something they all felt was “absolutely crucial” but which few others could be persuaded to embrace.

“We only had three or four places we could play in the UK and the rest of the time we’d be siphoning fuel out of cars in the middle of the night and nicking milk off doorsteps at 4am. I had nothing to lose, so it was just sort of 'who cares, as long as it's jumping?’”

It is this mindset that Plant seems to have fully embraced. Working with outstanding American musicians such as the guitarist Buddy Miller and the country queen Patty Griffin, he runs Band Of Joy as a kind of revue, with all the members harmonising and taking turns at lead vocals as they cover old songs in a huge range of styles: blues, gospel, folk and country (and enough reworked Zeppelin covers and hints of wild psych rock to keep old fans entranced).

Plant was 19 when he was recruited in 1968 by session guitarist Jimmy Page for a new group, bringing in his old friend Bonham alongside bassist John Paul Jones.

Despite a perception that Plant has spent much of his solo career trying to shut the door on his time as a rock god, he remains hugely proud of Led Zeppelin.

“We were never a middle of the road band, we were really quite fearsome.”

But he has admitted that his heart went out of it after his five-year-old son, Karac, died of a viral infection in 1977. The subsequent (drink related) death of Bonham in 1980 hit him very hard and the group decided to break up.

Plant’s career has followed a wayward path, taking him from the vintage R’n’B of The Honeydrippers to a wild concoction of hybridised world music with his band Strange Sensation.

In 2007, his extraordinary, ethereal album with the bluegrass singer Alison Krauss, Raising Sand, set him on another path, exploring roots Americana.

It went on to win five Grammy awards in the US, including Album of the Year.

But just as his Krauss collaboration was lifting off, Zeppelin reunited for one night only at the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert at London’s O2 Arena in December 2007, with Jason Bonham taking his father’s place behind the drum kit.

“I really had a wonderful time,” says Plant. “It was the best Led Zeppelin gig since 1975.” Many would like the reunion to have continued, including his band mates. When I spoke to Jimmy Page earlier this year, he said: "You’d better ask Robert Plant what the future of Led Zeppelin is.”

So I put the question directly to Plant: would he do it again?

“I don’t think so,” he sighs. “You’ve got to have a lot in common with the people you’re working with at this time in your life. Everything has to move on and forward, in all relationships.

"I know that bands that haven’t put out a record for 10 years are playing to 20,000 people a night. But that’s not the achievement. The achievement is to knock yourself out. It’s a very selfish thing. The tail must never wag the dog.”

So instead of touring stadiums, Plant is taking his personal roots revue around small venues.

“You can create an intimacy that this music kind of demands and its not getting lost in some crazy cube which is going to be holding a car show the following week.

"Theatres are built because they were the boards for entertainment. Something about looking up into those proscenium arches and seeing all the dangling ropes and all that stuff makes you think 'yeah, I’ve actually made it! I’m an entertainer’.”

Robert Plant and The Band Of Joy play London’s HMV Forum on Sept 2. The album Band Of Joy is released by Rounder on Sept 13.


(This article really seals it, Robert just is not up for any Led Zeppelin reunion tour at all. He is quite happy doing his smaller venues and being intimate with the audience. I do understand how he feels. I'm sure when he looks at himself in the mirror he knows there is no way that he can do what he did do when he was 25. Time takes care of that and there is no way to turn back time, you can just remember but you can never experience it again at least not in the same way. Once it's gone it's gone. At least he seems to have a positive attitude and a sense of freedom now in his golden years. At this point in time he deserves to be able to do what makes him the most happy.)

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Robert Plant Official New FaceBook Page

Robert Plant Official New FaceBook Page

It's official Robert Plant now has a Facebook page! Head on down and 'like' his page and you will be entered to win tickets to see him live! Here is what was posted:

We are delighted to announce that the official Robert Plant Facebook Page has launched featuring an incredible competition where all fans who 'Like' Robert are exclusively and automatically entered into a competition to win tickets to see a secret performance by Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy.

He launched his page just in time for his birthday Friday 8-20-10 and fans have been wishing him happy birthday, comment after comment you can feel the love for the Golden God is as strong as ever!

Here is a short Bio from his page:

Robert Plant made his first commercial recordings in 1966. In 1967, he had also formed a group called the Band of Joy, with drummer John Bonham. Soon, Bonham, Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, and bassist John Paul Jones assembled to become The New Yardbirds which became Led Zeppelin. The Led Zeppelin era ended in 1980 when John Bonham died. Since that time, Plant has put his wide-ranging musical fascination to good use on solo albums, with Jimmy Page, and in recordings with bands like The Honeydrippers, Priory of Brion, and Strange Sensation. His performances have reflected his embrace of West Coast psychedelic rock, roots blues, African music, and traditional folk.

For Band of Joy, Plant enlisted his Raising Sand bandmate Buddy Miller as co-producer. "I approached Buddy Miller because he had been lighting every room that I played in when I was with Alison - and his knowledge and his gaze; he's like a curator of a rock and roll museum packed away in three or four guitar cases and you could take these guitars out and tune them accordingly...and create some juju." Why give the album the name of one of his earliest bands? "In the Band of Joy, when I was seventeen, I was playing everybody else's stuff and moving it around, and it's kind of...time to reinvoke that attitude and sentiment."

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David Gilmour/The Orb Collaborative Album

David Gilmour and The Orb To Release Collaborative Album
by Tim Cashmere - August 19 2010

Psych-prog icon and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has teamed up with The Orb for a collaborative album.

The album will be entitled ‘Metallic Spheres’ and will be released in the first week of October. It will be available in 3D60 format, which uses 5.1 surround sound to make a 3D album! Does that sound cool or what?

The idea came about after the band and Gilmour worked together on a version of Graham Nash’s ‘Chicago’, which was produced by Youth.

‘Metallic Spheres’ also enlists the talents of Youth (Killing Joke, Crowded House, Paul McCartney).

The Orb are expected to announce a series of ‘Metallic Spheres’ laser light shows which will be in New York and Los Angeles.

(Imagine that, I can't wait to hear Gilmours sweet guitar tone on this. Lots of good music coming up this Fall!)

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Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones Video Interview

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones - Chats about his musical upbring & how he loves Elixer strings


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blondie Scrap Split Plans With New Album

Blondie Scrap Split Plans With New Album

Rockers BLONDIE are to release their first album since singer DEBORAH HARRY announced the band's split in 2006.

The group's farewell tour was extended and the split never happened - and now the group appear to have ditched the idea altogether following news they'll release an album of new material, called Panic of Girls, in 2011.

It will be the group's first set of new material since The Curse of Blondie in 2003.

Drummer Clem Burke tells he expects the album to break in Australia in time for Blondie's winter dates Down Under with The Pretenders.

He reveals the group recorded tracks for the new album last year (09) in upstate New York.

Burke adds, "Everyone in the band contributed songs."

He also reveals Blondie will look a little different when the band tours later this year (10): "We've switched out a few people in the band, so the creative dynamic has changed a little bit."

To view the Blondie picture gallery click here

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Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Tour Dates

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Tour Dates

November 29th, 2010 | The Centre PAC

7:30 PM
Vancouver, BC


November 23rd, 2010 | Pantages Theater

Los Angeles, CA


November 21st, 2010 | Fox PAC

Riverside, CA


November 16th, 2010 | Verizon Theatre

Houston, TX


November 14th, 2010 | King Center

Melbourne, FL


November 13th, 2010 | Florida Theater

Jacksonville, FL


November 6th, 2010 | Merriam Theatre

Philadelphia, PA


November 4th, 2010 | Bergen PAC

8:00 PM
Englewood, NJ


November 3rd, 2010 | Count Basie Theater

Red Bank, NJ


November 2nd, 2010 | The Orpheum

Boston, MA


October 30th, 2010 | Auditorium Theater

Rochester, NY


October 29th, 2010 | Sony Centre

8:00 PM
Toronto, ON


October 28th, 2010 | Centre in the Square

Kitchener, ON


October 27th, 2010 | Hamilton Place - Great Hall

8:00 PM
Hamilton, ON


October 25th, 2010 | Grand Theatre

Quebec City, QUE


October 23rd, 2010 | Metropolis

Montreal, QUE


October 21st, 2010 | Star Plaza

Merrilville, IN


October 20th, 2010 | Riverside Theatre

Milwaukee, WI


October 19th, 2010 | State Theatre

Minneapolis, MN


October 17th, 2010 | MTS Centre

7:30 PM
Winnipeg, MB


October 16th, 2010 | Brandt Centre

Regina, SK


October 14th, 2010 | Southern Alberta Jubilee

7:30 PM
Calgary, AB


October 13th, 2010 | Enmax Centre

8:00 PM
Red Deer, AB


October 12th, 2010 | Northern Alberta Jubilee

7:30 PM
Edmonton, AB


October 9th, 2010 | CN Centre

Prince George, BC


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Mystic Rock - Where cool rock fans shop!

Mystic Rock - Where cool rock fans shop!

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Love Nest for Ozzy

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Buy "Love Nest"

by - August 15 2010

Ozzy T-shirts & Black Sabbath Merchandise @ MRB

The couple have splashed out on a new property in Los Angeles for weekend breaks and for when they need to work in the city, and daughter Kelly says they are very happy with their purchase.

Kelly said: 't's the cutest thing how in love my parents still are.

'They've just got this little love nest in Los Angeles now for when they come here for work, because they actually live an hour outside the city.

't's really sweet and cheaper than getting a hotel every time.

'My dad's always said, 'All I need is a room with a TV and a dog! Why do we need all this stuff?' And he's really content there.'

Kelly ' who recently split from fiance Luke Worrall ' currently has her friend Chris staying with her and admits her pal is a bad influence on her diet.

She added in her column for Closer magazine: 'My brother Jack is directing my dad's music video this week and loads of people are working on it at his house, so our friend Chris, who lives with Jack, is sleeping on my floor.

'We've always said if we lived together we'd be the happiest, fattest people ever because all we do is order food, put on stupid TV and giggle.

't's like a sleepover having him around ' it's so much fun. We've not been too well behaved with food though, so it's a good job it's not permanent.'

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pre-Raphaelite Artwork Discovered in Zep Album of Page's Late Assistant

Pre-Raphaelite Artwork Discovered in Record Collection of Jimmy Page’s Late Assistant

After Jimmy Page’s personal assistant of four decades, Rick Hobbs, died earlier this year at age 81, several pencil sketches dated 1843 were discovered tucked inside one of his Led Zeppelin LPs. The set of four drawings — up for auction at Chilcotts auctioneers in Honiton, Devon this Saturday — are believed to be a thank you gift to whole article here

(You just never know what you will find tucked between covers of books, albums, cds, in a ladies handbag, the mattress, not to mention the basement or the attic!)

Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience Tour

Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience Tour

Looks like Jason's tour will be going forth - Official tour dates will be released Monday, August 16th
Keep posted on this & other Bonham news on his site.

Ticketmaster is showing these dates so far:

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Star Plaza Theatre
Merrillville, IN Thu, 10/21/10
07:30 PM

Jason Bonham's Led Zepplin Experience BERGEN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
Englewood, NJ Thu, 11/04/10
08:00 PM

Watch Jason in this interview chatting about the tour:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beatles Red and Blue Collections Remastered

The Beatles Red and Blue Collections Remastered

The Beatles record label Apple Corps Ltd will reissued remastered versions of the `Red` (1962-1966) and `Blue` (1967-1970 albums in October.

The albums, originally released in 1973, will both be 2CD packages with an expanded booklet featuring the original liner notes, rare photos and newly written essays by Bill Flanagan.

EMI will release the albums on October 15.

Tracks are:

1962-1966 (Red) album:

1. Love Me Do (The Beatles 1962-1966)
2. Please Please Me (The Beatles 1962-1966)
3. From Me To You (The Beatles 1962-1966)
4. She Loves You (The Beatles 1962-1966)
5. I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Beatles 1962-1966)
6. All My Loving (The Beatles 1962-1966)
7. Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles 1962-1966)
8. A Hard Day's Night (The Beatles 1962-1966)
9. And I Love Her (The Beatles 1962-1966)
10. Eight Days A Week (The Beatles 1962-1966)
11. I Feel Fine (The Beatles 1962-1966)
12. Ticket To Ride (The Beatles 1962-1966)
13. Yesterday (The Beatles 1962-1966)
14. Help! (The Beatles 1962-1966)
15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles 1962-1966)
16. We Can Work It Out (The Beatles 1962-1966)
17. Day Tripper (The Beatles 1962-1966)
18. Drive My Car (The Beatles 1962-1966)
19. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (The Beatles 1962-1966)
20. Nowhere Man (The Beatles 1962-1966)
21. Michelle (The Beatles 1962-1966)
22. In My Life (The Beatles 1962-1966)
23. Girl (The Beatles 1962-1966)
24. Paperback Writer (The Beatles 1962-1966)
25. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles 1962-1966)
26. Yellow Submarine (The Beatles 1962-1966)

1967-1970 (Blue) album:

1. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles 1967-1970)
2. Penny Lane (The Beatles 1967-1970)
3. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles 1967-1970)
4. With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles 1967-1970)
5. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles 1967-1970)
6. A Day In The Life (The Beatles 1967-1970)
7. All You Need Is Love (The Beatles 1967-1970)
8. I am the Walrus (The Beatles 1967-1970)
9. Hello, Goodbye (The Beatles 1967-1970)
10. The Fool On The Hill (The Beatles 1967-1970)
11. Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles 1967-1970)
12. Lady Madonna (The Beatles 1967-1970)
13. Hey Jude (The Beatles 1967-1970)
14. Revolution (The Beatles 1967-1970)
15. Back in the U.S.S.R (The Beatles 1967-1970)
16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles 1967-1970)
17. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Beatles 1967-1970)
18. Get Back (The Beatles 1967-1970)
19. Don't Let Me Down (The Beatles 1967-1970)
20. The Ballad of John and Yoko (The Beatles 1967-1970)
21. Old Brown Shoe (The Beatles 1967-1970)
22. Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles 1967-1970)
23. Come Together (The Beatles 1967-1970)
24. Something (The Beatles 1967-1970)
25. Octopus's Garden (The Beatles 1967-1970)
26. Let It Be (The Beatles 1967-1970)
26. Across The Universe (The Beatles 1967-1970)
28. The Long And Winding Road (The Beatles 1967-1970)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blondie Still Has It (Concert Review)

Blondie Still Has It
BY Sarah Mosqueda

It would have been easy for legendary new wave group Blondie to put it on autopilot at the Pacific Amphitheatre Aug. 8, 2010. After all, the band “just escaped from Vegas” as front woman Deborah Harry put it, the night before. And since the band took the same stage in Costa Mesa last year as an opener for Pat Benatar, they could have done a quick romp through their catalog of hits for this crowd in their sleep. But instead Harry, Chris Stein (guitar), Clem Burke (drums), Matt Katz-Bohen (keyboard), and Leigh Foxx (bass) seemed more awake than ever. Instead of resting on their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee laurels, they mixed new material from soon-to-be-released Panic of Girls with classic hits with more fervor than last year.

It helped that the audience was sufficiently warmed up by energetic female punk icon Nikki Corvette. Refashioned as a new band called Gorvette, Corvette along with Amy Gore (guitar), Lianna Castillo (bass) and Al King (drums) bounced through a set that included Nikki and the Corvette songs “Let’s Go” and “Girls Like Me.” Although almost too old for the playing makeup and wearing guitar bit, the respectable riffs and hyperactive candy-colored pigtails made it clear they were having too much fun to care. The audience had just as much fun, especially when they launched into a cover of The Buzzcocks’ “What Do I Get.”

So by the time Harry appeared in black coattails and a tutu nearly as white as her platinum hair, bravely opening with a new number “D-Day,” the crowd was ready to receive her. “Hello, is this Orange County, Santa Ana?” she asked a crowd that cheered despite being called the wrong city. “This is Blondie calling!” she continued, before diving into “Hanging on the Telephone.”

The band was crisp and instinctive and Harry’s full and rich vocals may have been a direct result of the excited energy that comes with playing new material. “We’re playing some new surprises for you,” she said. “We hope you like it, hope you love it!” Though it wasn’t all new, the crowd was rewarded with a pitch perfect “Maria,” where Harry laughed wickedly as she said, “We usually do this song for all the girls... tonight we’ll do it for all the girls and anyone that wants to be a girl!” A bit winded at the start of “Atomic,” the song got meatier and Harry stroked her own locks on the line: “Your hair is beautiful.” The reggae heavy “Tide is High” kept the party going on into “Rapture,” which Harry dedicated to The Ramones, and “One Way or Another,” where she playfully ad-libbed with lines like: “I know where you parked your car” and “I know your cell phone number.”

They encored with gems “Will Anything Happen?” and “Picture This,” unearthed from one of their earliest albums, followed by a rambunctious “Heart of Glass.” A tour of the hits plus a few hints at what’s to come made for a fantastic show that proved that even at 65, Harry and Blondie still have plenty to offer.

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Peacock Feather Dangle Earrings

Peacock Feather Dangle Earrings

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Ancient Greek Meanings
In ancient Greece, the peacock was the patron bird of the goddess Hera. According to myth, she placed "eyes" on its feathers, symbolizing all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens.

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Ozzfest Offer Unholy Matrimony Packages

Ozzfest Offer Unholy Matrimony Packages

by - August 7 2010

Hard rocking brides and grooms looking for an exciting unique way to tie the knot this summer can now walk down the aisle on their special day with the Unholy Matrimony Package at a stop on this summer's OZZFest, August 14-24.

As with other wedding packages, the one-stop Unholy Matrimony Packages provides just about everything the happy couple will need, except a marriage license. Each special package includes a variety of items to mark the special day and 10 general admission pit tickets for the bride & groom and 8 guests; an official OZZFest wedding ceremony by ordained minister, OZZFest's MC Big Dave; an OZZFest cake and champagne toast. In addition, all 10 guests will get early entry into the venue with an exclusive pre-show backstage tour hosted by Big Dave; access to the OZZFest VIP lounge; specially designed Ozzfest tour shirts; collectible tour posters (numbered, limited), PIIQ - Bass Masq Earbuds by Sony and official OZZFest guitar picks. Beyond the above, each lucky couple will be eligible for a special OZZFest wedding gift from the Unholy Matrimony bridal registry, generously supplied by this year's OZZFest sponsors. Items will include a Monster Energy Refrigerator (with twelve cases of Monster Energy Drink to get started), a special ESP LTD Signature Series GUS-200. Details on the registry will be released in the coming weeks.

While the Unholy Matrimony Package options have already been sold for the California, Connecticut and New Jersey shows, the Tuesday, Aug 17 at the First Midwest Bank Amp. in Chicago, IL, Thurs, Aug 19 at the First Niagara Pavilion in Pittsburgh, PA and Tue, Aug 24 at the Comcast Center in Boston, MA remain available.

This year's OZZFest main stage will feature full sets from Ozzy, Mötley Crüe, Rob Halford, DevilDriver and Nonpoint. Second stage headliners and six-time OZZFest veterans Black Label Society will be joined by Drowning Pool, Kingdom of Sorrow, and Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, Saviours and Kataklysm. In addition to non-stop music on both stages, concert-goers can once again visit the OZZFest 'Village of the Damned' featuring a mix of interactive activities, shopping and entertainment throughout the venue concourses. All six dates of the explosive Live Nation-produced tour will feature 'all-in ticket pricing' which means there are no hidden fees whatsoever?no parking charges at the shows, no facility or surcharge fees?the price you see is the price you pay. Tickets prices start as low as $30 per ticket when purchased in a 4-pack.

For complete ticket and tour information visit: and

From the news desk.

(How cool is that! A Goth wedding at Ozzfest! Too bad I'm not getting married since I'm already married, but sure sounds like fun!)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Iron Maiden, Slayer Soundwave Line-Up Leaked

(Can you say Heavy, this is like a dream festival for Metal heads.)

Iron Maiden, Slayer Soundwave Line-Up Leaked
by Andrew Tijs - August 5 2010

Twenty four hours before the official release, a poster of Soundwave’s full line-up has been leaked.

Soundwave has very quickly become the marquee festival of the season, not only in quantity but now in quality.

A photo of a (seemingly legit) poster for Soundwave 2011 has leaked on the interwebs and it shows a heavy-hitting heavy music festival indeed.

Check this for a top level headlining group: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Queens Of The Stone Age, Slash, Primus, Social Distortion, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Thirty Seconds To Mars and Stone Sour.

And that is just scratching the surface. Let’s go through some of the highlights of the “smaller” names: legendary post-punks Gang Of Four, SoCal punk icons Pennywise, stirring rockers The Gaslight Anthem and crazed rockers The Bronx, thrashers Trash Talk, sludgemasters the Melvins, and metal lords High On Fire.

And it just keeps coming. Here are the rest: New Found Glory, Sum 41, Anberlin, Third Eye Blind (what?), Devildriver, Sevendust, Less Than Jake, Monster Magnet, Terror, MXPX, Protest The Hero, 36 Crazyfists, Ill Nino, The Ataris, The Starting Line, Bayside, Mad Caddies, The Maine, Mayday Parade, Foxy Shazam…


… Never Shout Never, The Blackout, Alesana, Asking Alexandria, All The Remains, Dommin, The Sword, Kylesa, A Skylit Drive, There For Tomorrow, Breathe Carolina, Taking Dawn, I See Stars, Rise To Remain, Nonpoint, Veara, and Every Avenue.

Sound right? A lot of the artists have been rumoured, and all the early confirmations are on the list. Quake in your boots and await confirmations.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Author David Harrison Interview - by Innsmouth Free Press

'The Transformation of Freemasonry' Due out this Fall

David Harrison Interview by Innsmouth Free Press

Here is an interview by Innsmouth Free Press with British author David Harrison about his first book 'The Genesis of Freemasonry'. The book has been out for a little over a year now and is a best selling work on the history of English Freemasonry.

He has a second book coming out in September called 'The Transformation of Freemasonry' a sequel which will carry forth other areas of the Masonic history from the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion, links to slavery, the abolition movement, the American Civil War. Also how Victorian Freemasons got involved with magic & druidry.


IFP: Tell us about your academic career. Where did you go to University?

DH: I went to the University of Wales in Bangor to study Archaeology and medieval history, but on leaving found out archaeology didn’t pay so well, so did a teacher training course then became a lecturer while researching my PhD at the University of Liverpool – which was on the history of Freemasonry.

IFP: How did you become interested in the history of Freemasonry?

DH: I met an old guy who was a Freemason and he found out I was interested in history. He gave me a number of documents which included early Masonic references and I was hooked. It had a certain mystery surrounding it and, when I proposed to do a PhD in the subject, the decision-makers at the history department in the University loved the idea. Freemasonry is a subject full of un-researched history; it has a rich vein which is still untapped and there is a veil of mystery

To read the interview click here

Follow the author on Twitter and on Facebook

The Genesis of Freemasonry - David Harrison available online or at all good book stores

Back To School With The Classics

Back To School With The Classics

You Need Schoolin'

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Robert Plant New Official Video - Angel Dance

Robert Plant - Angel Dance

Here it is the new Robert Plant official video for 'Angel Dance' from his up coming album out in September 'Band of Joy'

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Ride The Zeppelin

Cosmic Swan Song
NEW Led Zeppelin Cosmic Swan Song Tee @ MysticRock.Net

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Zep on....

NEW Live Album for AC/DC?

AC/DC To Release A New Live Album

by Andrew Tijs - August 2 2010

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has let slip that the legendary rockers are likely to release another live album.

Johnson was on ‘The Chris Evans Breakfast Show’ on BBC2 in the UK late last week and casually mentioned that the band will “probably bring a live album out”.

They’ll have a lot of material to choose from after touring their Black Ice album for almost two years to over five million people.

Word is that it will not merely be a CD but a DVD of one of their shows in Beunos Aires in Argentina in December last year.

It has been less than a year since they released Backtracks, a triple-CD, double-DVD box set of rare tracks and compiled live versions.

They haven’t released a straight-up live album since the two included in the Bonfire box set of 1997.

Since Black Ice was a massive comeback for the band, selling multi-platinum around the world, we’ll cross our fingers for more tracks from that album and less classics on the forthcoming live set.

(The AC/DC train keeps on rollin' & cranking out the tunes. I bet it will definitely be release and with it all sorts of NEW merchandise, but nothing will top 'Back in Black' for sales.)

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Own a Bass Like John Paul Jones

Manson John Paul Jones Signature E-Bass

Whether looking forward as the bassist in Them Crooked Vultures laying down a groove with Dave Grohl and Joshua Homme, or to the past as the iconic legend, riff-master and songwriter in Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones has a bass pedigree second to none. John has been performing with a vast collection of Manson Guitars creations for the past three decades both in the studio and for live work, including the historic Led Zeppelin reunion and also conquering the world all over again with Them Crooked Vultures. Now, after many years of refining, researching and testing, the legendary performer has placed his name to the main four-string Manson bass guitar that has been regularly seen in action across John's projects for the past 16 years.

Read More & Where to Buy!

(A great chance to get a bass that John Paul Jones has put his sig & recommends.)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Robert Plant Reviews

Rocker shakes his locks, hips and classics
In Print: Sunday, August 1, 2010


Back in his dancing daze with Led Zeppelin, flaxen-tressed wailer Robert Plant couldn't fit a dime in his pocket without splitting his perilously snug trousers up the middle. He was the epitome of Rock Sex God, with all the writhing and high-holy howls that go with the pose.

The Brit is 61 now, and at a sold­out Ruth Eckerd Hall on Friday, his jeans were symbolically baggy, capable of holding at least five bucks in change without threat to the front row. But great artists adapt, and that's what the long-gone-solo star has done, embracing roots-rock, gospel and Americana grit in a late-career rebirth that has won him new fans, shiny awards and relevance as a singer who's more than libido and looks (although truth be told, his hair remains AWESOME).

Read More

Review: Ex-Led Zeppelin vocalist Plant delivers memorable Clearwater performance

12:14 P.M. — CLEARWATER — If God decided to visit us here on Earth and sing, he would sound like Robert Plant did Friday night.

Plant, after all, did sing a new song titled “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” and he also performed a Los Lobos song titled “Angel Dance.”

Approaching his 62nd birthday Aug. 20, Plant has remade his image. He has remade many of the Led Zeppelin songs that made him famous in the 1970s. But the British vocalist also has furthered himself as an artist by going back to his musical roots, American blues.

Read More

(Great to see such postive reviews for Robert Plant & his new band. People love seeing the man, not so much as he was but who he is today and what he has become. One of the few rockers that have managed to embrace the fact of the golden years he now lives, in very cool way.)

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