Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PINK FLOYD #1 in Poll


PINK FLOYD have beaten out competition from LED ZEPPELIN and THE ROLLING STONES to be named the world's greatest rock act of all time.

The WISH YOU WERE HERE band were one of four British groups in the top five, voted for in a poll carried out by UK digital radio station Planet Rock.

Led Zeppelin came second, while The Rolling Stones came third.

Rounding out the top five were THE WHO and Australian veterans AC/DC.

The Top 10 Greatest Rock Acts Of All Time are:





5. AC/DC

6. U2





The Floyd interest grows...hmm could it be that because they performed recently there is more interest than in Led Zeppelin, who have not done anything together since very long ago (due to Bonham's death and they not wanting to perform without the original line up). To me Floyd and Zeppelin are tied in popularity, though I tend to believe there is more Zep love out there at least I see that at my store Mystic Rock.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long Live Rock--The Who Touring in '06

The Who To Tour U.S. In '06
Rolling Stone is reporting that The Who will go on a world tour in the summer of 2006, with trips to Europe, Australia, Japan, South America and the US.

The current lineup includes founding members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Townshend's brother Simon, keyboardist "Rabbit" Bundrick, Pino Palladino on bass and Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son) on drums. For a good part of 2005, Starkey has been touring with Oasis, and Palladino with the John Mayer Trio.

The Who have been working on a new album intermittently for the past several years, but nobody is saying (so far) whether any of those new songs will be heard on the tour. The band is scheduled to be back in the studio once again in February, continuing to work on the long awaited Who2 project.


David Gilmour Exclusive Video Clip Hear Now! Limited Time

Check out this Gilmour sweet blues track called "Island Jam" I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to hear the whole album and if this is the flavor of it I know I'll enjoy :)

Available for a limited time frame.

Friday 23rd Dec 2005: Merry Christmas from David Gilmour
To celebrate the holiday season, David has arranged an exclusive video clip, taken from the ‘On An Island’ album sessions. The track is ‘Island Jam’, featuring David with Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens on keyboards, Guy Pratt on bass, and Ged Lynch on drums. Click on the link to view the clip, and enjoy some amazing blues guitar playing, but before you do, David would like you to consider contributing to the ‘Crisis’ charity for the homeless. The link below allows you to make a contribution online and help the less fortunate.

Make a donation to Crisis

NB: the links will only be posted until 11:59PM UK time on 27th December 2005.

MP3 and video for download on

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Robert Plant Helps Nomads

Robert Plant has secured a $60,000 donation for a Carefree, Ariz.-based charitable organization that aids nomadic people in drought-stricken West Africa.

Plant, former frontman for Led Zeppelin, had committed proceeds from a four-song CD by his band, Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, but it failed to generate the royalties he had expected.

The 57-year-old rocker made an appeal to PAR Charitable Trust, a small grant-making organization, which agreed to make up the financial gap needed to build and operate school dorms for 200 children for three years, TurtleWill founder Irma Turtle said recently.

Good going Robert! Too bad his 4-song CD didn't raise more money.

Wray "The Real Man In Black"

Fredericksburg.com - Fredericksburg offered up fertile spot for rock's roots: "'The Real Man In Black,'"

Pete Townshend of The Who has been quoted as saying of Wray: "He is the king. If it hadn't been for Link Wray and 'Rumble,' I would never have picked up a guitar."

And Neil Young has said, "If I could go back in time and see just one band, it would be Link Wray and His Ray Men."

Others influenced by "Rumble" include Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Jeff Beck.

Johnny Cash emulated the tough-guy image of Wray--who was half Shawnee--by dressing in black, as he did.

To this day, Wray fans insist he was "The Real Man In Black," not Cash. During a clean-cut, squeaky-clean era, he dressed in black leather jackets, wore sunglasses at night and smoked cigarettes onstage.

"He was very influential because he did something different and he did it with a bit of an attitude," Del Fiorentino said. "Most people could relate to that, I think."

Few remember that guitar legend Link Wray, who died Nov. 5 at 76, was inspired to record his seminal instrumental 1958 song "Rumble" by a request during a dance in Fredericksburg.

The primal sound called the power chord was introduced by "Rumble," and it has echoed for 47 years, influencing generations of rock guitarists.

The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles probably would never have been heard from if it were not for that night in Fredericksburg, said Dan Del Fiorentino, historian for the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, Calif.

Link Wray pioneered the power chord at a Fredericksburg dance.

"Without the power chord, punk rock and heavy metal would not exist," he told The Free Lance-Star.

All hail to the power chord :) and thank you Link Wray!

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cool Keychains

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Gilmour Tour Dates North America/Canada

David Gilmour in
North America and Canada, here's the dates:

April 4 - New York - Radio City Music Hall
April 5 - New York - Radio City Music Hall
April 9 - Toronto - Massey Hall
April 10 - Toronto - Massey Hall
April 12 - Chicago - Paramount Theatre
April 13 - Chicago - Paramount Theatre
April 16 - San Francisco - Oakland Paramount
April 17 - San Francisco - Oakland Paramount
April 19 - Los Angeles - Kodak
April 20 - Los Angeles - Gibson Theatre

As with the London show, pre-sale tickets will be
available to those who register at David's website,
on a first come, first serve basis, limited to
four per person beginning tomorrow, December 20th
at 10:00 am, while supplies last. To access
pre-sale tickets visit www.DavidGilmour.com
and sign up for the pre-registration.

The public sale for all remaining tickets
will be the second weekend in January and can
be purchased by visiting ticketmaster.com.

Looks like you have to do a bit of traveling if you want to see Gilmour, unless he adds more dates with more cities... um David how bout Boston :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Into The Same Old Jam

North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey!

Robert Plant sang it first and, apparently, best. These days, young people are finding themselves "into the same old jam."

Just ask teens like Michael Fremed. The 16-year-old unabashedly admits to listening to the same music as his dad's generation. His favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and the Doors.

In fact, the only major difference between Fremed's parents' LPs and his MP3s is that the latter collection is stored on computer.

Cool article on how 16 year olds are getting into Classic Rock and hey why not, it's all good :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Floydian slips

Music | Floydian slips

In a Floyd frame of mind, having just finished John Harris’s new hardcover The Dark Side of the Moon (Da Capo), a "behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at the making of one of the greatest studio masterpieces and most commercially successful albums ever recorded," I wandered down to Boston's Orpheum Theater on December 2 to check out the Australian Pink Floyd Show. What a bizarre evening. TAPFS are a Rolls-Royce of a tribute band, and their current set includes a front-to-back performance of The Dark Side of the Moon, which they thoughtfully played before intermission so I could stagger out of the theater when it was over and nurse my sensibilities on the T going home.

Gotta admit, I went to their show last year "04 in October at the Boston Orpheum and was very pleased indeed with the Aussie Floyd, still say if you can catch their show, do so!! It just might be the closest thing you get to a real Floyd show....course if only the boys would stop teasin and start pleasin :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's Official

Got this from Pollstar:

David Gilmour Tour Dates:

Fri 03/10/06 Dortmund, GER Konzerthaus

Sat 03/11/06 Hamburg, GER Congress Centrum

Wed 03/15/06 Paris, FRA Grand Rex

Thu 03/16/06 Paris, FRA Olympia

Sat 03/18/06 Frankfurt, GER Alte Oper

Sun 03/19/06 Amsterdam, NET Heineken Music Hall

Mon 03/20/06 Amsterdam, NET Heineken Music Hall

Fri 03/24/06 Milan, ITA Teatro Arcimboldi

Sat 03/25/06 Milan, ITA Teatro Arcimboldi

Sun 03/26/06 Rome, ITA Parco Della Musica Aud.

Mon 05/29/06 London, UK Royal Albert Hall

Tue 05/30/06 London, UK Royal Albert Hall

Okay now we must wait for the U.S. Tour Dates :)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Why Messenger Bags Are Cool

Messenger Bags
From Desiree Stimpert,

Why the Messenger Bag is So Popular
Over the course of the last few years, the messenger bag has taken over, and not just with girls and women. Several boys and men were actually among the first to use messenger bags to help make their load lighter.

Whether you're a teen or a terminally hip adult; male or female, you're sure to appreciate the advantages that a good messenger bag has to offer, but you might be overwhelmed by the numerous styles available. Here's a bit of information about these bags and why they have become so popular - as well as some links to some really cool messenger bag manufacturers.

What is a Messenger Bag?
The term "messenger bag" refers to bags that are styled after the ones bicycle messengers carry. They typically feature a shoulder strap so the bag can be worn across your body - in true messenger style - with the bag hanging down at your side or slung onto your back.

These bags are usually rectangular in shape with enough space for magazines, courier-size envelopes, and anything else that a messenger might need to put into their bag.

The closure of a messenger bag typically comes in the form of a large front flap that either closes with buckles, velcro, or other type of fastener.
Messenger bags might also feature reflectors or reflective strips.
What Materials are Messenger Bags Made From?
There are as many different materials for messenger-style bags as there are items to put in them. Many feature bodies of waterproof material such as nylon or pvc, while others are made from cotton canvas and are similar in style to the old military-type messenger bags.

I even managed to find some made from silk and velvet. And, while I wouldn't recommend actually using such bags to cycle your goods through a rain shower, if it's just looks your after, these messenger-type bags will fit the bill.
What Makes Messenger Bags so Popular?
Messenger bags define "hip" by being nearly an anti-fashion statement. They look casual and trendy all at once - and like a denim jacket or a concert t-shirt, they can actually become even cooler the older and more beat up they become.

In addition to the fact that these bags are usually roomy enough hold a lot of stuff, their large, straight surface is the perfect canvas for pins, buttons, patches and other embellishments. This prime real estate will allow one to customize their bag to their liking - and custom is always cool, hence, so is the messenger bag.

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Robert Plant In Grammy Nominations

Classic Rockers Rake In Grammy Nominations

Classic Rockers Rake In Grammy Nominations
Bruce Springsteen is nominated for a total five Grammy awards, Paul McCartney three, and two each for Robert Plant, Les Paul, and Neil Young.

So what are the chances that Robert will get at least one Grammy?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Stuff Just In!

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Pink floyd Dark Side Incense Sticks
The Doors Jim Incense Sticks
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Pink Floyd Animals Sticker
Alice In Chains Patch
David Bowie Logo Patch
Hendrix Guitar patch
Pink Floyd Prism Drk Side Beanie
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Led Zeppelin Messenger Bag

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David Gilmour Tour Dates

David Gilmour

Looks like David Gilmour is going to tour!! 1st Europe then...hopefully American tour dates will surface :) So which tour would you want to go see, Roger's opera or Gilmours new works. It's a no brainer for me :) guitars rule!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bar-room Blitz Ex Creed Scott Stapp Vs. 311

Rock's New Feud: Scott Stapp Vs. 311

December 2, 2005

311 have confirmed rumors on their message board that members of the Omaha band got into a bar fight with ex-Creed frontman Scott Stapp on Thanksgiving night. The band had the day off from their tour in Baltimore, MD, and members Chad Sexton, S.A. Martinez and P-Nut were watching basketball in their hotel's lounge. Stapp entered the bar, already intoxicated, and drank a shot, then smashed the glass. After arguing with other bar patrons, Stapp insulted Martinez's wife. Sexton walked over to stop the argument, and was punched in the face by Stapp.

Martinez elaborated to Rolling Stone, saying "When Scott punched Chad, in the follow-through, he hit my wife so then I threw my punch. I think the last time I got into a fight was in the third grade, but it was an instant reaction on my part. P-Nut also came over and he got sucked into it, opening up a scar on his right arm from a recent surgery. Scott went down, and his girl came over and sat on him to get him to stop, but he got up, enraged, still wanting to fight. After about five minutes, hotel security finally broke it up and kicked him out. Honestly, the hotel was really at fault for not kicking him out when he threw the first shot glass."

Martinez is currently wearing a cast on his right hand. Sexton and Martinez told Rolling Stone that they had spoken to Stapp previous to the fight, and he had been perfectly civil to them. "He was telling us how he'd been to a show of ours in Florida, where he got up on stage, and that he was so thankful that we didn't kick him off," says the singer. "He just went on and on, like some drunk guy who wouldn't shut the fuck up, while we just wanted to watch the game."

Sexton wanted to set the record straight publicly, because "We're very positive people. We've preached positivity on every record we've made. We don't have altercations like this ever. And we even wish Scott well."

Stapp's woes continue, with another allegedly drunken escapade making the news. According to various reports, Stapp was intoxicated again at a taping of Spike TV's Casino Cinema on Tuesday (November 29) afternoon. The show is co-hosted by Howard Stern's girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky. The New York Daily News reports that Stapp cursed up a storm, slandered Bono and Dave Grohl, and insulted crew members. The show, highly edited, is still slated to air next Tuesday, December 6

This Creed guy needs to take a chill pill! Guess he feels like a loser without his band Creed.

Friday, December 02, 2005

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Pulse Delay

Pulse DVD Delayed Again!

EMI has delayed the release of the PULSE DVD again. They now say Jan. 16, 2006. The delay is due to time involved with authoring the DVD as well as other problems, so they tell us. We are not going to report dates anymore as this is becoming completely crazy. Be aware that these delays are not the fault of anyone in the band. This is strickly EMI's fault. Source: http://www.pinkfloyd-co.com/pfco_news.html

Oh well, guess this is out, won't be getting this for Christmas. Hmm maybe I better get Pompeii :)

Gilmours Solo "On an Island"

David Gilmour "On an Island" to be released March 6, 2006

We can confirm that on his birthday David will release his new album. Plans for a European and American tour are in the works but no firm dates are set as yet. More info as we have it.

Can't wait for this to come out. The title he choose "On an Island" does he feel that he's on an island apart from the main land, alone, or does he want to be on an island? Very interesting, can't wait to see what the title of the tracks are like.

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