Saturday, March 26, 2005

Concert Review: Robert Plant

Yahoo! News - Concert Review: Robert Plant

Billed as Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, the Led Zeppelin singer took the stage Thursday at Irving Plaza before a zealously devoted New York crowd that cheered for every song and turned a blind eye to the ravages of time that have clearly taken their toll on the man.

Long gone is the young rock god who spawned a thousand imitators. In his place is a haggard man with a visible paunch well into his mid-50s who croons.

Clad in jeans and a white T-shirt, Plant and his five-piece band opened with a somber version of "No Quarter." The Strange Sensation is a talented gang well suited to the singer's blues and ballads, but they seemed to hold back in order to accommodate Plant on heavier songs. His voice has deepened over the years, and as a result, he offered a show that is more heavy cabaret than rock.

Yeah but at least he's still out there giving us the fans a show, unlike Mr. Page, wish he was out there with something new to promote!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Old pros, fresh faces strut stuff at music fest

Old pros, fresh faces strut stuff at music fest

Plant, the keynote speaker, built a buzz for his first new album of original material in more than a decade, "Mighty Rearranger," in stores Tuesday, May 10.

His midnight-hour concert Friday featured the new keeper "Shine It All Around," a neopsychedelic song whose droning verses gave way to pummeling refrains. Plant and his five-piece Strange Sensation group reinvented such Led Zeppelin favorites as "Heartbreaker" and "Black Dog" with exotic twists, too.

The singer told attendees he has no interest in a Led Zeppelin reunion with guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. Drummer John Bonham died in 1980.

True to the band's spirit, his priority is exploring new sounds. "I don't think popular music can ever stand still," he said.

Plant wasn't the only veteran rocker seeking a fresh start among the young up-and-comers at SXSW.

Twenty-plus years after his "Rebel Yell" heyday, come-and-goner Billy Idol dropped by to promote a new CD, "Devil's Playground." It comes out Tuesday.

Whiplash smile intact, Idol held court at a tavern amid posters of bullfighters and cheerleaders. The father of two teens talked about toning down his rock 'n' roll lifestyle after he had children.

"Who's going to bring their kids around to play at Billy Idol's house [when] he's just on a crack binge?" Idol asked.

Guess with that quote from Robert there is no chance of any Zep reunion of any kind!

Billy Idol's quote about no kids coming to play at his house when doing crack is right on, good thing Billy cleaned up when his kids were born :) I'm looking forward to both Robert Plants album and Billy Idols :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Threads of blues run through SXSW music fest - Threads of blues run through SXSW music fest

It took former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant only one sentence to sum up why the spectacle that is the South by Southwest music festival continues to command such attention each year.

"The blue note is there, all the way through my life," Plant said. He credited the blues as the origin of all the music that will be heard during the event — everything from the post-punk rock of Billy Idol to the British pop of Dogs Die in Hot Cars and the freestyle rhythms of Houston rapper Devin the Dude.

Oh yeah...sing the blues to me Robert!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Robert Plant Rocked the house

93.3 The Bone - Classic Texas Rock - Home Page

WOW!! What a show! Robert Plant and his backing band Strange Sensation threw down a helluva set Monday night at Gypsy Tea Room. The place was as packed as I've ever seen it.. wall to wall people crammed in for an intimate performance by a true Boneafide rock legend. Right from the start we knew it was gonna be special as Robert opened with the lines... "Close the door, put out the light, you know they won't be home tonight"... He opened the show with the Zeppelin classic "No Quarter" and then BLAM right into "Heartbreaker".

Nothing but great reviews from Robert's shows, but what do we expect from the best rock vocalist of all time!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Summer promises many concert highlights / News / Boston Globe / Living / Arts / Summer promises many concert highlights

The scramble to book summer concerts is on. Major acts such as Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones aren't expected until the fall, but the coming months will be flush with tours by Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Destiny's Child, String Cheese Incident, and classic-rock packages of Boston and Styx, Robert Plant and Jeff Beck, and perhaps Aerosmith and Van Halen.

Imagine that, Robert Plant n Jeff Beck!! If this ends up happening would be quite exciting :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Robert Plant : Robert Plant Gets Trippy Robert Plant : Robert Plant Gets Trippy : News: "Robert Plant Gets Trippy"

"I've really always had an idea to develop this melange of North African music and the Plant side of Led Zep -- to push the two together," says Plant. "But there's as much Roni Size and Portishead on this album as there is Zeppelin."

An interesting mix to say the least :) can't wait to hear it for myself!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton Humbled by The Queen

Soul Shine Magazine : Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton Humbled by The Queen

Most people (if not all) know who Led Zeppelin or Eric Clapton is to rock ‘n’ roll, but the Queen of England, managing the issues of the world obviously had more important things to occupy her mind.

I guess it's safe to say The Queen doesn't rock n roll much. I'm sure Prince William or Harry would know who Led Zep or Eric Clapton are, they'd better, LOL!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shine It All Around--Robert Plant

Here are the lyrics to Robert Plant's new song "Shine It All Around" Me likes :) :)

Shine It All Around----Robert Plant

This is the land where I live
Paint it all over golden
Take a little sunshine spread it all around

This is the love that I give
These are the arms for the holding
Turn on your love light shine it all around
Shine it all around, shine it all around

These are the times of my life
Bright and strong and golden
This is the way that I choose when the deal goes down

This is the world that I love
Painted all over troubled
Take a little sunshine shine it all around
Send a little sign now, spread it all around now
Shine it all around now, when the deal goes down now
Shine it all around, Shine it all around

This is the heart of the man
This is the heart of the matter
Break a little bread now spread it all around
Make a little bread now, all around
Shine it all around, shine it all around

Led Zepagain CD

Led Zepagain CD

Take a listen to samples of Led Zepagain's new CD!