Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Robert Plant Interview by Jeff Woods

My Sit Down With Robert Plant - Interview

Jeff Woods | September 27, 2010 3:15 pm

“Nothing is daunting for me but forever challenging,” says Robert Plant. “I have to be able to just get out there into the great drift of music and possibility, and hang onto great themes and ideas”.

When Robert Plant collected the 2009 Grammy for Album of the Year for Raising Sand, and five more for his work with singer Alison Krauss, it confirmed what has been apparent - that Plant is among the musicians of his generation whose appetite for musical innovation remains keen.

Plant chose to explore the territory unearthed with Raising Sand while working with a new group of musicians named after the combo he played with back in the Sixties. The new album, Band Of Joy, features intriguing new interpretations of songs from a wide range of sources, including Los Lobos, Richard Thompson, the Minnesota indie trio Low, Texan singer songwriter Townes Van Zandt, and others. Crucial to the new project was guitarist and co-producer Buddy Miller.

Band of Joy is now available pretty much everywhere you choose to buy music.

And now, so is my conversation with Robert right here, for free. Click on link below to read and hear this interview.

My sit down with Robert Plant

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