Friday, October 01, 2010

New Syd Barrett Album - Compilation Floyd & Barrett

An Introduction To Syd Barrett OUT SOON!

On 11th October 2010 (9th November for North America), EMI/Harvest will release An Introduction To Syd Barrett, a brand new collection that brings together for the first time the tracks of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett on one compilation, with David Gilmour being the executive producer of the album.

The album will feature five remixed tracks including 'Octopus', 'She Took A Long Cool Look', 'Dominoes' and 'Here I Go', with David Gilmour adding bass guitar to the last track. A bonus track, previously-unreleased instrumental of 'Rhamadan' will be available via digital download for a limited period.

Full tracklisting

1. Arnold Layne (2010 Digital Remaster)
2. See Emily Play (2010 Digital Remaster)
3. Apples And Oranges (2010 Digital Remaster)
4. Matilda Mother (Alternative Version) (2010 Mix)
5. Chapter 24 (2010 Digital Remaster)
6. Bike (2010 Digital Remaster)
7. Terrapin (2010 Digital Remaster)
8. Love You (2010 Digital Remaster)
9. Dark Globe (2010 Digital Remaster)
10. Here I Go (2010 Remix)
11. Octopus (2010 Mix)
12. She Took A Long Cool Look (2010 Mix)
13. If It's In You (2010 Digital Remaster)
14. Baby Lemonade (2010 Digital Remaster)
15. Dominoes (2010 Mix)
16. Gigolo Aunt (2010 Digital Remaster)
17. Effervescing Elephant (2010 Digital Remaster)
18. Bob Dylan Blues (2010 Digital Remaster)

You can pre-order on Amazon & iTunes

Also 'Opel', 'Barrett' and 'The Madcap Laughs'
all get new designs!

Syd Barrett's only two albums and his second compilation album are all getting reissued with new artwork based on the original vinyl release. Each album will be released on 11th October.

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