Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ozzy And Rollins Become Columnists

Ozzy And Rollins Become Columnists

By Andrew Tijs

Ozzy Osbourne and Henry Rollins have been given column inches online and in the glossies.

At the beginning of the year, notorious rock animal Ozzy Osbourne was asked to give medical advice to readers of the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper.

The joke goes on, as Rolling Stone has given Ozzy room to dish out lifestyle advice to its readers in the "Ask Dr. Ozzy" column.

The first column, published in the latest issue, sees Ozzy tackle weight issues, vertigo, and the case of a woman who discovered her son has looked at porn online.

Punk rock icon Henry Rollins has also been given a column, this time in LA Weekly.

He’s been blogging in the ‘West Coast Sound’ music section of LA Weekly every Friday.

His first two columns have covered his return to the US, Rickie Lee Jones, Thomas Wolfe, Fela Kuti, Keiji Haino, and his restlessness in LA.

(Imagine that Ozzy giving out health advice LOL, they should make him a Dear Abby ask him anything about anything.)

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