Friday, September 03, 2010

Plant Makes it Clear Zep Days Over

According to The Pulse of Radio, Robert Plant has once again made it clear his hard-rocking LED ZEPPELIN days are over. Vintage Vinyl News reported that after attending a recent concert by ZEPPELIN bassist John Paul Jones' new band THEM CROOKED VULTURES, Plant told the press, "I feel so far away from heavy rock now. It's quite odd how mine and John's paths seem to have crossed over. We've sort of gone into each other's world's a bit." Plant, who revealed that his ears "bled for two days" following ZEPPELIN's 2007 reunion gig at London's O2 arena added: "For me, it's no longer to do with vanity, ego and visible success. It's just about getting down into the earth of music. I spent three or four years never playing a ZEPPELIN song from 1981 onwards, because I didn't want to lean on ZEPPELIN. I've gone from being in that huge band to picking up the pieces of my own gift."

Todd Rundgren who performed at Britain's legendary Knebworth festival along with ZEPPELIN back in 1979, said that he doesn't blame Plant for shying away from trying to duplicate his vocals from 35 or 40 years ago: "Robert Plant will probably always have a gig somewhere. And the only reason for him to reunite with the LED ZEPPELIN thing is because it would just be huge money involved, I guess. But he has an opportunity to play music that he feels like. Some music that he may feel actually more akin to than what he's, I guess 'obligated' to do (laughs) at this point with LED ZEPPELIN. Everything that he did after he left LED ZEPPELIN was an octave lower (than the ZEPPELIN songs). (Laughs) And now he's got to go back and sing and scream at the top of his lungs."

(It's been heading down this road for a very long time. Truth is you can't go back to yesterday, Robert knows he can not do it anymore and feels he is no longer that person that once sang Stairway to Heaven & Whole Lotta Love. He remembers those days but he is who he has become and wants to express what he is today. So if it's soft folky tunes he wants to do so be it. It happens to us all, we mature, mellow out & get on with what we have become. If you want to hear the call of the wild then you always have the albums which are timeless to hear.)


Drums said...

I've been one of the biggest Led Zeppelin fans and this just breaks my heart. Their amazing drums and percussion have influenced me to be a musician and start a band

Mystic-V said...

I surely understand how you feel...I too am a long time Led Zep fan and feel like I'd love to see 'the hammer of the Gods', but I also understand that time waits for no one and things change even if you don't want them to, but at least we have their music that they did record which is timeless.