Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Achieve the Rocker Chick Look

How to Achieve the Rocker Chick Look
By Riz S. Davis

Sexy but rebellious, sophisticated but rugged, feminine but tough. That's what the "rocker chick" fashion is all about, the over all expression of style and individuality. You don't have to know how to play drums, or strum the guitar, or be a member of a rock band to sport this fashion, although it is apparent that women who are into rock music and bands tend to naturally acquire this sense of style.

There are a lot of ways to achieve the rock chic fashion:

1. Get some skinny jeans or torn leggings on. Faded and torn jeans give off that casual I-don't-give-a-damn attitude, while studded and leather leggings show off that sexy look.

2. Dress shirts, tank tops, rock band shirts, statements shirts and off-the-shoulder tops are the way to go, it doesn't matter if they're tight fit or very loose. The idea is to make a statement in whatever top you choose.

3. Draw attention to your feet! Whether it's a pair of Chuck Taylors, studded pumps, bright colored stilettos, or faded leather boots, the point is they have to grab attention.

4. No, they don't have to be black. While black is essential in achieving the rockstar look, you don't necessarily have to stick with that color alone. Don't be afraid to combine it with flashy colors - hot pink, electric blue, or bloody red - after all, rocker chick fashion is bold and daring.

5. Don't be afraid to put on animal printed jackets or coats with faux fur collars if you're in the mood for it. A leather jacket is a must. Often, it doesn't matter what you have underneath, the leather jacket alone is very rock and very chic as it is.

6. Accessories are important in achieving this rockstar look. Accessorize with over-sized watches, leather bracelets, long chain necklaces, studs and spikes.

7. Carry a loose metallic bag or a thrifted leather bag to finish off. You can also vandalize an old bag with writings, glitters and studs!

8. Most of all, just be your rockstar self. When you feel you're a rockstar at heart, you wouldn't have to try so hard the rocker chick in you will just show.

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