Monday, August 30, 2010

Axl Rose Wars With UK Festival Promoters

Axl Rose Wars With UK Festival Promoters

by Andrew Tijs - August 30 2010

Axl Rose sneers at promoters as Guns N Roses’ Leeds Festival set is cut short.

At the Reading Festival, Guns N Roses came on an hour late and had their set curtailed by the UK’s noise restriction laws which prevent festivals from carrying on after midnight.

The band returned to play their Leeds Festival headliner with the same snarky attitude, Rose claiming that the promoters were cutting them off again.

NME reports that Rose said from the stage at 11:20pm, "We would like to play a few more songs for you tonight. But someone is telling us the show's over. This war ain't over yet."

He claimed that the band were told earlier that they could perform until 11:58pm, but the Leeds and Reading festival boss Melvin Benn refuted the claim.

Following the outburst, the Gunners did an encore of ‘Paradise City’ and left, Rose telling the audience “Be safe getting out of here. And for the problems with the promoters: fuck you.”

Despite Axl’s combative statements, Benn said that he would “definitely” book the band again but doubts he'll "be getting a Christmas card from them, which is a shame because tonight was great".

(They shouldn't have been late, but being rock stars with attitude they feel they're above everything. If the promoters did in fact tell GnR that they could play till almost midnight then said we never said that, I can see why Axl told them fuck you, tell it like it is Axl :)

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