Sunday, August 01, 2010

Robert Plant Reviews

Rocker shakes his locks, hips and classics
In Print: Sunday, August 1, 2010


Back in his dancing daze with Led Zeppelin, flaxen-tressed wailer Robert Plant couldn't fit a dime in his pocket without splitting his perilously snug trousers up the middle. He was the epitome of Rock Sex God, with all the writhing and high-holy howls that go with the pose.

The Brit is 61 now, and at a sold­out Ruth Eckerd Hall on Friday, his jeans were symbolically baggy, capable of holding at least five bucks in change without threat to the front row. But great artists adapt, and that's what the long-gone-solo star has done, embracing roots-rock, gospel and Americana grit in a late-career rebirth that has won him new fans, shiny awards and relevance as a singer who's more than libido and looks (although truth be told, his hair remains AWESOME).

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Review: Ex-Led Zeppelin vocalist Plant delivers memorable Clearwater performance

12:14 P.M. — CLEARWATER — If God decided to visit us here on Earth and sing, he would sound like Robert Plant did Friday night.

Plant, after all, did sing a new song titled “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” and he also performed a Los Lobos song titled “Angel Dance.”

Approaching his 62nd birthday Aug. 20, Plant has remade his image. He has remade many of the Led Zeppelin songs that made him famous in the 1970s. But the British vocalist also has furthered himself as an artist by going back to his musical roots, American blues.

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(Great to see such postive reviews for Robert Plant & his new band. People love seeing the man, not so much as he was but who he is today and what he has become. One of the few rockers that have managed to embrace the fact of the golden years he now lives, in very cool way.)

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