Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rolling Stones Band Line-Up Mix Up

Rolling Stones Own Website Lists Ronnie Wood As Gone
by Paul Cashmere - May 25 2010

UPDATE: Less than two hours after this story was first published on the "small Australian website" Undercover, the Rolling Stones have updated their website to list Ronnie Wood as still with the band. Regardless, here is the story based on what was on the Stones website before they "edited" it after the most recent Undercover story.

While the Rolling Stones have been in damage control denying reports that Charlie Watts would no longer tour with the band (and we will all have to wait until the next tour to find out the truth), but they have not been so secretive about the fate of Ronnie Wood.

According to rollingstones.com/people#Ronnie-Wood Ronnie has left the band.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts are all listed as being with the band from 1962-present. Founding member Brian Jones is listed as 1962-1969. Bill Wyman is listed as 1962-1992. Mick Taylor is down from 1969-1974.

However, Ronnie Wood on the Rolling Stones very own website is listed as 1976-2010.

So Ronnie left and they didn’t tell anyone?

There has been so much knee-jerking over the stories related to Charlie Watts’ future but according to The Stones, Ronnie has gone and it didn’t even rate an announcement.

So what is really going on in the Stones camp? There is apparently miscommunication from within which is why the stories get out and get published in the first place.

So has Ronnie really gone? What an exceptionally ill-timed typo if he hasn’t!

(Well is he gone or isn't he? Why so much miscommunication if that's really what it is? Or are they just in need of some new blood? Who would stand in for Ron Wood if he really did decide to leave the Stones? Can you believe the Stones having yet another tour? Will they ever retire?)

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