Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roger Waters Says Pink Floyd Reunion Unlikely

Roger Waters Says Pink Floyd Reunion Unlikely

by - May 30 2010

Roger Waters does not expect there will ever be another Pink Floyd reunion.

Waters has spoken to Xfm stating that a Pink Floyd reunion could happen for a similar live event such as Live Eight.

Although the former Floyd bassist did say it was unlikely, and certainly not immediate and also that singer David Gilmour was the main stumbling block, for a good enough reason the group would reform.

'I think it’s extremely unlikely. I don’t think David’s even faintly interested in it, particularly without Rick, For a one-off thing, for one charity event, I could see that happening again, like Live Eight. I think 3 [band members] is probably enough, two wouldn’t really be enough. I’d be up for it, for sure'.

And on the story of the band’s reunion for Live Eight, Waters said,

'[Bob Geldof] called me as a last resort. He’d spoken to David at considerable length and got the 'no’. So he called me and said 'will you call him?’.'

'He’d spoken to Nick [Mason, Floyd drummer] who said 'The only person who could possibly get David to do this is Roger. He’s the only hope you’ve got’. I did call him and he was very surprised. I got David’s number from Geldof, I didn’t have it!

'Thank goodness he thought about it for a day or two, I thought it was great, I loved it.'

(Like Robert Plant, David Gilmour just is not interested at this point in a reunion - sad really but you can't make someone do something they just are not fired up about. Also the fact that he's getting on in years and wanting to live a simple life and not be doing things he was doing when he was in days of old when gigging was what it was all about. I think it happens to all of us, we start to slow down and just want to chill by the pool. As for the fandom we crave to see our heros up on the stage, if just to hear and relive our own days of old.)

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