Friday, August 21, 2009

BLONDIE: Still holding on

BLONDIE: Still holding on

Blond never goes out of style. And neither does Blondie, one of the great pop bands of the late ’70s new wave scene, fronted by platinum-locked icon Deborah Harry.

While known at the time for modeling the hippest clothes and the coolest hairstyles, Blondie’s catchy hooks, punk aesthetic and timeless lyrics continue to enthrall audiences, and their summer tour — stopping at the Pikes Peak Center on Tuesday — has been one of the hottest tickets of the season.
“The shows have been fun. (The fans) are always really excited to see us. It’s kind of like when you do a show, you’re paying a visit to your fans,” says drummer Clem Burke, who explains that Blondie still enjoys touring together and performing live. “It’s like a summer vacation. You’re just like a traveling circus.”

Formed in 1974, the New York-based group achieved popularity first in the United Kingdom and then in the United States, and was launched into stardom with the 1978 album “Parallel Lines,” which contained hits including “Heart of Glass,” “One Way or Another” and “Hanging on the Telephone.” The album eventually sold more than 20 million copies, and was followed up with other chart-topping songs such as “Dreaming,” “Call Me” and “The Tide is High.”

“When we started in the ’70s, we were the antithesis of what was going on in popular music at the time. That music has carried over quite a bit,” Burke says. “The hit music is our legacy, and it still feels very contemporary. … The style of music we’ve assimilated has become a Blondie sound, a New York urban sound.”

Clem explains that the live Blondie experience will be a vibrant show, consisting of their biggest hits, deeper cuts from the Blondie catalog, new music and the same fun, striking personality that endeared Blondie to millions of fans. Harry, who, if anything, is more fabulous and spirited than when she first came on the scene, never fails to connect with fans and knock socks off.

After more than 30 years, Blondie still feels fresh to its members, who continue to be inspired by and committed to one another. The band is working on a new album set to release next year, a follow-up to the successful 30th Anniversary Edition of “Parallel Lines” released in 2008.

“We feel we’re lucky we can come out and still play for our fans,” Burke says. “Whether you’re playing for 200 people or 20,000 people, it’s all about continuing to be a musician and being creative. … If you’re not performing live as a band, you’re not really a band.”


When: 8 p.m. Tuesday
Where: The Pikes Peak Center, 190 S. Cascade Ave.
Tickets: $42; 520-7469, or


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