Monday, October 24, 2005

ROBERT PLANT Dismisses ZEPPELIN Reunion Talk: 'I Prefer My Career To Have Bit Of Dignity Now'

BLABBERMOUTH.NET - ROBERT PLANT Dismisses ZEPPELIN Reunion Talk: 'I Prefer My Career To Have Bit Of Dignity Now'

Plant, 57, who plays Edinburgh Corn Exchange next Thursday and Barrowland in Glasgow on October 29, said: "I've not been offered vast sums to reform LED ZEPPELIN. I would never do it anyway.

"We were a boy band and I'm not a boy any more. I prefer my career to have a bit of dignity now."

So be it...though most fans would gladly plunk down the cash to see the great bands of yesteryear. Zep, Floyd, Stones, Sabbath etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vee. No, I would not pay a nickel to see those bands together one more time on stage. Robert Plantis right in what he says. He has a really interesting solo career and Mighty Rearranger rocks as the old'time LPs of LedZep. Figure, on an other scale, how useless and bad for music eation it would be to see "artmaker" Peter Gabriel rejoining the empty body of the dead Genesis (and its "hitmaker" Phil Collins) ? I can figure some of us are really nostalgic about late '60s and 70s in Classic-Rock music, but the music is still there and alive. And even if some of its musicians seem to be tired and breathless (or simply uninspired), there are still some to keep going on (like R. Plant and P. Gabriel, but even Macca lately who gets the Beatles spirit back) and new bands as well. It is a real reconfort for me to notice how many of the youngsters like rock and classic rock music. So keep on...
ps: I apologize for my english that needs to be more practiced to (re)improve).

Vee said...

Thanks for your comment, well that's why they make vanilla and chocolate, some would die to see the classic bands one more time, while others like yourself say what was, was. I don't believe every classic act should get back together, but it would be nice for some of us that never got a chance to see them to see them, namely Pink Floyd, I would love to see them old or not. :)