Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the Pulse - Entertainment Beat: The Machine

the Pulse - Entertainment Beat: The Machine

The public’s love for and appreciation of Pink Floyd’s music hasn’t dulled with time. Every year a new generation finds something in their catalog to identify with, but given the rocky and much publicized history of the band, it becomes less and less likely that the
original members of Pink Floyd will ever tour under that banner again. This is why we need The Machine.

Seeing The Machine isn’t like seeing Pink Floyd, it’s like seeing The Machine. They have an unparalleled audience connection and every member of the band displays incredible musicianship. Every Floyd fan will get a rush when the crowd erupts from the single keyboard note that signals the start of “Echoes,” or when Ryan’s signature bass solo frenzy launches the band into “One of These Days.”

The Machine plays The Palladium on September 24, so catch Pink Floyd the way it was meant to be experienced ~ sight, sound, and shaking floor!


The Machine
The Palladium 261 Main Street in Worcester (508) 797-9696
Saturday, September 24
Doors open at 8pm,
Show starts at 9pm

Oh yeah!! What a great band, I've seen them now twice and love their experience. Another Floyd tribute band that deserves a nod is Pink Voyd!! If you haven't caught any of these bands do yourself a favor and get to one of their shows you will NOT be disappointed, that is if you Love Floyd music :) Check out our cool Floyd Merchandise at Mystic Rock

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