Friday, October 07, 2005

Drummer Jason Bonham links up with Foreigner

Daily Record - Music - Drummer Jason Bonham links up with Foreigner

Influenced by American-oriented rock such Toto and Journey, Bonham formed his own band, Air Race when he was 17. He was equally taken with combination British/American rock group Foreigner.

"I was huge into that scene," he said. "It was what we called adult-oriented or American-oriented rock at the time."

Now the fan is a member of the band. Bonham joins Foreigner Oct. 7 at the Community Theatre in Morristown. He credits his friendship with Mick Jones and Foreigner's manager for recruiting him back on the road. "He always looked after my career," he said.

"I just tour for the heck of it," he said. "I don't really have to tour. I'm playing for my love of music. I am blessed and unblessed. I'm blessed by being financially OK and unblessed by losing a father. There were many tragic times but I've come out the other side. It's good to be here."

As for his relationship with Page, contact is infrequent, but Bonham always keeps him in mind as mentor and a link to his Dad.

"It's great to sit and talk to Jimmy ... and ask him certain questions," he said. "This is exactly what my Dad did...."

A recent transplant to the United States, Bonham resides in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with his wife, son and daughter. He and his family moved here in March but keep their house in England.

His son may have inherited the Bonham music gene, but American culture has put it on hold.

"As soon as we moved to America he went off into football and soccer," he said. "My daughter is into cheerleading and unfortunately Coach (a fancy brand of pocketbook)."

I think that Jimmy Page also has a house down in Florida somewhere near that area, maybe it was he who helped Jason get his here in the states. I'm sure Jason will love it here, his kids sure will.


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