Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pink Floyd Sues EMI

Pink Floyd Sues EMI

by Paul Cashmere - March 11 2010

Pink Floyd is taking legal action against their record label EMI because people can now download their individual tracks instead of an entire album.

According to the Pink Floyd and EMI contract, EMI cannot “unbundle” the songs meaning that songs not released as singles can only be purchased on a complete album.

EMI argues that because of the time when the contract was signed (pre the digital age) the clause did not apply to downloads such as through iTunes. Pink Floyd signed the contract in 1999 and the contract prohibits the songs from being taken out of context.

EMI claims that it only applies to physical releases. Pink Floyd’s lawyer Robert Howe argues that the EMI stance makes no sense.

Last year the band sued the label for miscalculating their royalties.


(But if you want to listen to just the one song...I do understand Floyd's reaction and most of their albums you'd want the whole thing because it's an experience not a single as they say, case in point The Dark Side of The Moon & The Wall. Some songs are meant to be heard as an album and not just a song like it's on the radio.)

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