Thursday, March 11, 2010

Depp reads Morrison poetry for new film

Depp reads Morrison poetry for new film

The Doors fan Johnny Depp has landed a treat as the narrator of Tom Dicillo's new documentary on the band - he has been granted access to late frontman Jim Morrison's poetry, which he'll read in the film. Skip related content

Depp recounts the history of the band in When You’re Strange, featuring footage culled from hundreds of hours of rare footage, and Morrison's poetry has now been added to the soundtrack - read by the actor.

The Doors drummer John Densmore is urging fans to see the film after watching it at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany.

He says, "I think Tom's film shows a little bit more about all four of us. And it shows Jim in the beginning, his innocence and shyness and everything, and I love seeing that - that's the Jim I knew."

(I'm sure it will be cool...anything Johnny Depp is in comes off great!)

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