Sunday, February 21, 2010

Page Beat Beck To Yardbirds Call

Page Beat Beck To Yardbirds Call

Guitar great JEFF BECK almost missed out on his chance to become a member of British supergroup the YARDBIRDS - JIMMY PAGE was asked to join the band before him.

In his first joint interview with Eric Clapton - the man he replaced in the group in 1965 - Beck reveals Page was initially approached to fill the gap left by Clapton, but he turned the offer down.

The future Led Zeppelin rocker eventually joined the Yardbirds when Beck left - but he could have been a part of the iconic group years before.

Beck tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They asked him first. He turned them down... (so) I got the call."

The guitarist admits his early days in the band were tough - because he was living in the shadow of Clapton: "When I joined the Yardbirds, all I kept hearing was stories in the van: 'Eric wouldn't have done this, Eric wouldn't have done that.' I went, 'Shut the f**k up, Eric isn't in the band.'"

During the joint chat, Clapton admits he's surprised his former Yardbirds bandmates liked him - because he was so "disagreeable".

He explains, "They didn't like me when I was in the band... Anyone who didn't know (blues great) Robert Johnson, I didn't want to know them."

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