Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ozzy Book Coming

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Ozzy Osbourne, The Book Is Coming

by Paul Cashmere - July 21 2009

“Every day of my life has been an event,” say Ozzy Osbourne. Those events have been documented for the book `I Am Ozzy, The Autobiography`.

The story starts with poor, little John ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne and a family who had to sleep in one room right through to his current international rock God status.

“It haunts me, all this crazy stuff,” he says. “I took lethal combinations of booze and drugs for thirty fucking years. I survived a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs. I have been accused of attempted murder. Then I almost died while riding over a bump on a quad bike at fucking two miles per hour. People ask me how come I’m still alive, and I don’t know what to say”.

The book will go through Ozzy’s music, days on the road and, of course, wife Sharon and the five children.

‘I Am Ozzy’ will be published through the Little Brown Book Group in October.

(This should be a good read :)

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