Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Metellica To Induct Black Sabbath @ TRH

Metallica To Help Induct Sabbath To Hall Of Fame is reporting that the band will help induct Black Sabbath into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week:

So there we are, hanging out at HQ getting ready for our first visit to South Africa, and a call comes in wondering if we can leave a few days early and stop by New York to induct a bunch of guys from Birmingham, England (they're called Black Sabbath, you might've heard of them) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It took us all of 3/4 of a second to say "fuck yeah!!" Black Sabbath wrote the book on heavy music, and like many other snot-nosed kids, we read it religiously over and over again. For all of us in Metallica, Black Sabbath are a major influence not only on our music, but on our lives, and as you can imagine, we're psyched to join Bill, Geezer, Ozzy, and Tony for the induction ceremony on Monday, March 13th.

Not only will we be inducting Sabbath, we are going to make a humble attempt at playing some of their songs live in front of the gathered masses, including, most humbling of all, the four members of the band themselves.

Metallica has had some pretty good gigs lately 1st playing as a warm up for The Rolling Stones and now Inducting Sabbath into the Rock Hall...very cool! Now if we can get 'Tellica to release a killer album!


flighbinite said...

By inducting Black Sabbath into the Rock n Roll hall of fame, I wonder if Ronnie James Dio will also take part of the induction ceremonies. I think Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio was outstanding. Or are they inducting just the original version of Black Sabbath?

Mettalica inducting Black Sabbath! Way to go!

Vee said...

Good question...not sure the answer. Do know this, with Blondie they invited the original line-up, but the current line up will be there as well, but I believe the induction of the Blondie members are the original. With Black Sabbath, I would say Ronnie James Dio should also be inducted since he too was a member of Sabbath. With Blondie's new members they just came about later on (much) and mostly are players for the tours and didn't really write much of the music or lyrics to the latest Blondie studio album. "The Curse of Blondie".

flighbinite said...

Blondie!!! Now that's a blast from the past for me! I've not heard any tracks from "The Curse of Blondie". Will have to give it a listen!

As far as Black Sabbath, I figure if they are inducting the band, then it would mean that they really are inducting all versions of the band. For me, Black Sabbath with Ozzy or Dio on vocals, are my two favorite versions! And when I say Ozzy, I mean the first go round for him!

Anonymous said...

yeah yahhhh go black sabbath i think they should of been on there ages ago man they da shizzz......and big fan of metallica good stuff 4 helping ozzy and da boys.....Jason ex metallica dude u rocked on rockstar da other nit good shet bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on peeps... p.s iam random lol