Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blondie Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision (CD+DVD) Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision (CD+DVD): Music: Blondie

Blondie Greatest hits Sound & vision CD/DVD set to be released on Tuesday March 7, 2006.

Go to hear exciting tracks by Blondie at Amazon. Preview songs like Rapture Riders--Blondie Vs. The Doors Bonus Track previously unreleased a song that meshes both Blondies Rapture with The Doors Riders on the Storm. Two of Rocks most sexiest together. Now that is HOT! Actually I like it a whole lot so will buy this disc just for getting that song plus a few remixes like In the Flesh and Good Boys Blow up Mix.

Being a Blondie fan it's cool to be able to get another Blondie CD/DVD even though it's another greatest hit one which does not have X-Offender which I believe should be in there as well.

If you go listen to the 'Rapture Riders' let me know what YOU think of it!

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