Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pink Floyd's Waters Open To Idea Of Reunion

KETV.com - Entertainment - Pink Floyd's Waters Open To Idea Of Reunion

LONDON -- Roger Waters would not immediately say no if Pink Floyd decided to do something more.

"I'd be very up for doing a lot more," Waters told Britain's X-FM.

Waters said reuniting with Pink Floyd for Live 8 was "such fun."

He said the moment they plugged in for their first rehearsal, "It was like putting on an old shoe."

The bassist apparently has had a change of heart since Live 8.

In July, right after Live 8, Waters called the chances of furthering the Pink Floyd reunion "very slight."

Enough with the teasin' already Roger, 1st he says no reunion, highly unlikely, now it's, well it would be nice, I wouldn't say no right away. So which is it? Oh yeah then it's Gilmours turn to chime in and tease, saying, oh I can't do a reunion now, I have a solo album to work on etc. So if it isn't Roger it's David...if only they could agree on things, the show would be on the road, cause Mason and Wright would be okay with it. Come on boys one last tour!

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