Friday, November 04, 2005

Design Disturbed's Website

Disturbed has added a second leg of the Jagermeister Music Tour, and it will kick off the first week in January. Bloodsimple will open the next series of dates, taking over for C.O.C. Meanwhile, Disturbed is having a contest to see who can create the best fan site for the band. The winning site will become the "official Disturbed fan site" and will be linked on the band's regular Web site. The winning artist will also receive an autographed Washburn guitar from the band.

Imagine, you get a free autographed guitar, get linked to their official site and your fan site becomes the Official Site, what could be cooler than that!!


Anonymous said...

nothing could be cooler

Vee said...

It's a fans dream, well other than just being best buds with the band :)

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