Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Plant Brings Joy to Riverside

Ex-Led Zep frontman brings joy to Riverside

By Jon M. Gilbertson, Special to the Journal Sentinel

The opening minutes of Robert Plant's concert at the Riverside Theater Monday night would have been inauspicious if not for the breadth of what followed.

The former Led Zeppelin lead singer came out in clothing that lowered expectations: shabby blue jeans and a gray T-shirt that failed to conceal a body grown doughy with age.

He and his Band of Joy then presented Zep's "Black Dog" in a way that confoundingly removed the bombastic heart of the original.

But then Plant spent the rest of the night demonstrating the aptness of his band's name.

It was the band he worked with on last year's "Band of Joy" album, the sessions for which evidently resulted in a blissful connection among the musicians.

They also just as evidently intensified Plant's ability to interpret the songs of others, an ability given a serious workout on "Raising Sand," his 2007 Grammy-winning album with Alison Krauss.

Monday night, he captured the whispering menace of Low's "Monkey," kept faith with the traditional "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down" and bit into the vengefulness of Richard Thompson's "House of Cards" - without losing his own identity.

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(I wish these journalist would stop saying how Robert looks fat or real old or whatever negative thing they can pick on. Yes he was a golden beauty in his prime, but we all age! Life goes on and they shouldn't be constantly telling us that he's fat & not fit etc. Be happy that the man still goes out there and performs.)

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