Monday, February 14, 2011

Ozzy Docu

Ozzy Osbourne Documentary Coming From Son Jack
By Paul Cashmere

A new documentary on Ozzy Osbourne is being released by Jacko Productions, a company started by Ozzy's son Jack.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne (changed from Wreckage of My Past) is directed by Mike Pscitelli and includes unseen footage, interviews with members of Black Sabbath and other musicians with which Ozzy has worked through the years plus other music greats like Paul McCartney and Tommy Lee.

Osbourne recently commented "I said, 'Jack it can’t be how wonderful I am all the time because I’m not that way all the time, everybody wakes up in a bad mood, everybody is a bit of a dick sometimes and everybody has a good day. I’m human, you know'.

"I'm hoping he’s put a bit of sweet and sour in there. A documentary about my life is great but for every good thing there’s a bad thing you know. When I was out there drinking and doing drugs I don't suppose I was Mister Charming."

(For all Ozzy fans this will be great to see Ozzy's life the good and the bad.)

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