Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keith Richards' Bangers & Mash Recipe Feat in His Book

Keith Richards Recommends Bangers And Mash For Dinner
By Paul Cashmere

Keith Richards’ says his favourite meal is Bangers and Mash and he has decided to share his recipe in his book ‘Life’.

“When I’m at home I cook for myself, usually bangers and mash, with some variation on the mash but not much,” he says.

We cannot endorse Keith as a dietician but the Stones rock star recommends you “hit it when you’re hungry”. “We’ve been trained from babyhood to have three square meals a day, the full factory-industrial revolution of how you’re supposed to eat. Before then it was never like that. When the hooter goes, you eat,” he writes.

Anyway, onto Keith’s cooking hint. “I’ve been cooking bangers all my life and I only just found out from this lady on TV that you have to put the bangers in a cold pan. No preheating. Preheating agitates them, thats why they’re called bangers. Very slowly, start them off cold. And then just be prepared to have a drink and wait,” he says.

He says he used the same method when he was cooking Goat’s Head Soup (but let’s not go there).

So here it is, the Keith Richards recipe for Bangers and Mash:

1. First off, find a butcher who makes the sausages fresh.
2. Fry up a mixture of onions and bacon and seasoning.
3. Get the spuds on the boil with a dash of vinegar, some chopped onions and salt (seasoning to taste). Chuck in some peas with the spuds. (Throw in some chopped carrots too, if you like). Now we’re talking.
4. Now you have the choice of grilling or broiling your bangers or frying. Throw them on a low heat with the simmering bacon and onions (or in a cold pan, as the TV lady said, and add the onion and bacon in a bit) and let the fuckers rock gently, turning every few minutes.
5. Mash yer spuds and whatever.
6. Bangers are now fat free (as possible).
7. Gravy if desired.
8. HP sauce.

Keith’s book ‘Life’ is out now through Orion Books.

Source: Undercover

(LOL Bangers & Mash it is :) Maybe Keith should have a cooking show hmm? I know from quite a few of my British friends that Bangers & Mash is a popular choice over there, think it's a comfort type thing, sort of like we have meatloaf & mash potatoes.)


egad apparel said...

Bangers and Mash, thats a very interesting name... I'm always surprised to hear different names for everyday items and expressions. My favorite it "Bollocks!" because I can get away with it in church! LOL!

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THE CHAIN (fmtb) said...

Very Interesting! I think I'll give this a try over the weekend.

rick kimura said...

I cooked it up , and it was good stuff . In fact it was so good i emailed my friends and told em it was my recipe . so how bout anothery KEEF