Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jim Morrison House on Love Street For Sale

Jim Morrison House on Love Street For Sale

The house that Doors frontman Jim Morrison once lived in with longtime love Pamela Courson is being sold for $1.19 million. On Laurel Canyon, the house was the original inspiration for the song "Love Street" and comes complete with custom-designed furniture, outdoor patios and fire pits, and an outdoor shower - perfect for entertaining all your closest hippy-rocker friends. There's another shower of note in this house: the famed "secret shower" where Jim wrote lyrics and poetry on the bathroom walls.

To view pics of the house and all the rooms go here.

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I would love to live there, but I'm all the way in New England & just can't swing it. The vibes in that house I bet are still very strong. Wonder if someone will buy it and want to turn it into a Morrison museum.

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