Thursday, April 30, 2009

Steven Tyler Book


Steven Tyler Writes A Book

by Paul Cashmere - April 30 2009

Steven Tyler has compiled his life story in the book `Does The Noise In My Head Bother You`.

Tyler has documented his early days growing up in the Bronx, his early music career and influences, three decades of Aerosmith and his relationship with his four children, including actresses Liv and Mia Tyler.

Tyler decided to put in print all the sex, drugs and rock and roll from his life.

“This is not just my take, this is the unbridled truth, the in-your-face, up-close and prodigious tale of Steven Tyler straight from the horse’s lips,” he said in a statement.

Tyler will launch the book at BookExpo America in Norwalk, Connecticut on May 28.

(This will be a nice juicy book to own :)


Rose said...

Steven Tyler has been to hell and back and still manages to give a performance like no other. When I saw him in Atlantic City, after his time in rehab, I could not believe what I was hearing. His voice was on the money. I cannot wait to read his book. He has managed to stay on top despite all his ups and downs. God bless him

Mystic-V said...

Thx Rose for the comment on Steven. I think his voice has held up pretty good too considering what he's been thru, lots of singers can't keep it going for so many years.