Monday, January 10, 2005

What Does Robert Plant Love The Most

WHEN asked during a 1998 TV interview whether he preferred sex, drugs or rock and roll, Robert Plant, lead singer of the rock group Led Zeppelin, replied without a moment's hesitation: 'Football'.,4136,80898,00.html

Ha!! I know men love sports, well a lot of men do, there is the few exceptions out there. But really Robert prefers a football over women?? This can't be, my dreams are shattered! He'd rather watch or play with a football? Isn't it a soccerball anyhow in England? In anycase, I'm not a real sports fanatic, but if Robert were to ask me to go with him to watch a game, I'm sure I'd grab my coat in an instant :)


Anonymous said...

hey this is emily finally commenting. i was pretty surprised to hear that too, and although i cant stand sports i'd go to a game with robert any day! what a sexy old man! hehe

Vee said...

Yeah sexy old and cool!

GraffitiMal said...

I have actually seen him wearing his soccer team colours ( gold and black ) on TV, after a game. As the late great Bill Shankly once said " Football isn't a matter of life or death. It's
more important than that!!! "

Given the option of watching a game or spending the afternoon in the sack with a hot babe, I think I'd wait for the recorded highlights!!!

Bonnie said...

i'd love to go watch football with him any day

Vee said...

Hi Bonnie, yeah me too I'd go to the game with him, then hit the sack with him, LOL!! Or vice a versa :)