Friday, February 25, 2005

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Customers and Paypal

We are running into a bit of a problem with some of our customers online in that they place an order and want to pay by Paypal, but do not have a Paypal account open. So we can not process the order unless we first get their payment. I email the customer letting them know of this and I do not hear back from them. So what exactly was their intention? Do a lot of people have trouble opening an account? I think they should at least email back letting me know what their intention/situation is. I can't save their order too long, so I give them another chance and let them know that if I do not hear from them that their order will be canceled.

So I updated the site with this on our About Us Page:

Please make sure that if you wish to pay by Paypal that you do have a Paypal account already opened. If you just opened a NEW Paypal account let us know this information by email. If you do not let us know and we do not get Paypal payment your order will be canceled. We have been getting orders where people want to pay by paypal, but do not have a paypal account opened so we can not process the order without payment.

Wonder if that will help some of the customers get a Paypal account prior to placing an online order.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Roberts New Album - preview tracks from French FM

Roberts New Album - preview tracks from French FM

Shine It All Around
Somebody Knocking

"Shine it all around" has a Zep feel to it in that it has that levee type drum. The other 2 tracks have more of a Dreamland feel. I'll wait and see what the rest of the album has to offer....I'm hoping that he kicks it up a notch to satisfy what I yearn from him :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005



Why is it that Robert is made out to be the bad guy, when he feels his album and tour to him are more important to him than a grammy that was looooooooooong over due!! I say Rock On Robert :)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Led Zeppelin honoured - NME.COM

Led Zeppelin honoured - NME.COM

Singer Robert Plant was unable to attend the party due to recording commitments but sent a video message, drawing criticism from Page.

"It wouldn't have taken much just to pop over here and meet everybody, would it really?" said the guitarist.

True Robert could have "popped" on a plane and been there, but maybe he thinks that his tour is more important to him because it's going to start in a few days and he needs to rehearse. You know Robert, he lives in the here and now and trys not to look back.
One thing Jimmys dig at him will not make Robert want to work with him any time soon. There goes any hope of some new music from Page/Plant :( but I'm still excited about the New Robert Album :)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Plant hasn't cut hair since 1981


Former LED ZEPPELIN star ROBERT PLANT hasn't had a proper haircut in 23 years - because his last major trim made him look like a waitress.

The wild-haired rocker admits he'd much rather let his straggly locks remain untouched because he can't find another style which suits him as much.

He says, "The trouble is when I cut my hair, I end up looking like a waitress from Santa Monica. There's something wrong with curly hair when it's cut short."

11/01/2004 21:26

I can understand being afraid of some hairdresser, I mean your whole hair and look is in their hands and if they get it wrong you have to live with it, what seems like forever. Poor Robert.

Excited About Robert!

Singer Robert Plant, whose former band Led Zeppelin is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award this weekend in L.A., also has a new solo album coming out.

Mighty Rearranger, due May 3 on Sanctuary Records, consists of 12 originals that are said to "evoke the spirit and intensity Led Zeppelin landmarks," according to USA Today, which got an early listen.

"We've made a very powerful record," Plant told the newspaper.

It's Plant's first collection since 2002's Dreamland, which consisted of lesser known covers.

Meanwhile, Plant and his band the Strange Sensation are booking spring/summer dates in the U.S. and Plant will be the keynote speaker March 17 at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Curiously, Plant is the only Led Zeppelin member not yet confirmed to be attending Grammy festivities according to Grammy publicists. So far, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and members of John Bonham's family are on the confirmed list.

The more articles I read about his new CD the more excited I get, i just can't wait to hear it for myself!! Wonder why Robert isn't making it to the awards...Page and Jones are, maybe he's busy getting ready for his mini tour :) Please Robert come this way!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Straight Dope: Who invented the term "rock 'n' roll"?

The Straight Dope: Who invented the term "rock 'n' roll"?

The term was first used to describe a particular kind of music.
In the 1920s the words "rock" and "roll," used separately or together, were employed by blacks to mean partying, carrying on, and/or having sex. According to rock historian Nick Tosches, blues singer Trixie Smith recorded a tune in 1922 called "My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)" for Black Swan Records. "Daddy," suffice it to say, was not trying to rock little Trixie to sleep.

That's why Rock music is so exciting :)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Yet another post about Robert's upcoming album - Coming attractions

Former Led Zep frontman has new CD

In this case, going over like a lead balloon could be a good thing. Robert Plant is reaching out to his former Led Zeppelin audience with solo album Mighty Rearranger, due May 3.

The 12 originals, recorded in Snowdonia and Somerset in the southwestern U.K. countryside, evoke the spirit and intensity of Led Zeppelin landmarks and its singer's subsequent solo forays. It's his first album since 2002's Dreamland, a collection of lesser-known cover tunes.

"We've made a very powerful record," says Plant, who thinks new label Sanctuary "can be a great help in pushing these songs out into the great big music machine."

He and his band, the Strange Sensation, are booking spring and summer U.S. dates, and Plant will be the keynote speaker March 17 at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin.

—Edna Gundersen

Now we have a date when the CD will be out in the USA (May 3) and that it's gonna be heavy like the Zeppelin. I can't wait to hear it, I'm sooooo excited about this one. Dreamland was nice, (not heavy enough) but really I love when Robert also gives it full throttle. Don't get me wrong I also love the soft side of Robert :) it's just I miss his edgey side!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Clapton's Wife Gives Birth to Daughter

Yahoo! News - Clapton's Wife Gives Birth to Daughter

Eric Clapton's wife has given birth to the couple's third child, a spokesman for the rock guitarist said Friday.

The Sun newspaper reported that Clapton's American wife, Melia McEnery, gave birth to a daughter in a London hospital on Tuesday.
Clapton's spokesman, Andy Prevezer, said only that "there has been a birth" and gave no further details.

Congrats Slow Hand, wow, he's 59 years old and having more kids! Only famous and rich can afford to keep having babies way past their prime. Wonder how old the wife is?

Grohl Everywhere

Dave Grohl is often considered one of the busiest men in Rock, and with appearances on three different albums this year, it's hard to disagree. Speaking to, Grohl talked about working with Nine Inch Nails and Garbage, as well as the Foo Fighters' plans for the new year. The Foos expect to release a double-album later in 2005, with a "rocking" CD and an acoustic one. Grohl confirmed, "It is gonna be a double album, but it’s not just a bunch of songs. But it isn’t a concept record either. All I can say is it’s gonna blow people away.

Grohl guests on drums on a track on Garbage's upcoming album Bleed Like Me entitled "Bad Boyfriend."

And last but certainly not least, there is the long-awaited Nine Inch Nails record With Teeth (out May 3). On working with Trent Reznor, Grohl said, "That was just fucking incredible. It’s gonna be a great year for albums, I think this year is gonna make people feel a lot better about music.

Well he's getting me all excited :) hope he is right about great mind-bending music coming our way this year.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Small Tribute Paid to Rockers Kiss

Yahoo! News - Small Tribute Paid to Larger-Than-Life Rockers Kiss

Imagine four little people dressed in black leather and chains, faces covered in garish black-and-white makeup, wearing wild black wigs, wagging their tongues and rocking on stage to the heavy metal beat of Kiss.

Oh how cute, LOL and fun it must be for the kids :) Now if only there was a Mini Zep band :) Can you just imagine little Robert, what a doll and little Jimmy with a doubleneck guitar!!

U2 Uses Technology to Bust Scalpers -

U2 Uses Technology to Bust Scalpers -

U2 and concert promoters will be the only ones making boat loads of money off the upcoming Vertigo tour.

The band announced that it is taking action to identify and reclaim tickets bought via a fan-club early buy, then quickly marked up by scalpers on Internet auciton sites.

"A whole raft of ticket offers have already been taken down from online auction sites," the band's web site reports.

Looks like only U2 will be making the big bucks for this tour, as it should be. In the past I've bought tickets from scalpers and usually really good seats, don't do that much these days, as I try to just get tix online at ticketmaster. If a show is sold out though and you really want to get in, the scalper is your way in!