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Led Zeppelin Experience: Q&A With Jason Bonham

Led Zeppelin Experience: Q&A With Jason Bonham

Alan Sculley: Well let’s ask about the tour itself and this whole concept that you had that brought this together and I think one thing I’m real curious about is what you think makes the Led Zeppelin Experience show you’re taking out something different then any number of the tribute bands that are out there for Led Zeppelin. What are you doing that really separates it from, you know, those kind of shows?

Jason Bonham: Well, one thing I kind of give it is that I’ve actually played with the band a couple of times and had some moments in authenticity. First and foremost JBLZE is a concert. But I give it a slightly different angle from the story content of the show and I release and show some very tender and pure moments that not many people have seen such as my dad as a child growing up with his father and interacting with his own family and his brother and his children.

And, you know, this is a man that would grow up to be the Beast, the guy--Bonzo, the legendary guy that was one of the first to throw a TV set through a window. But realistically he was my dad and just an everyday guy really. So within the context of the show I talk a little about him as a personal person, you know, as a guy that I knew not so much as the guy that you know as Bonzo, but as my father. I show some of the moments we shared together which were and are, you know, very cherished now.

We didn’t live in the era of everything being recordable on your phone and very easily accessible. So when you see these moments, they’re very few and far between as my Dad could record and capture. And also I like to touch on the love I have of the music, playing with the guys every kind of song that has a different story, a different element of where I put it in the show. And each song is chosen for a reason. There’s nothing we’ve put there because it was a popular song or whatever.

I have a story for each one. But the music does the talking in itself and I just, tell a few moments that were not spoken too much about, the reasons I do certain songs in the set and my own personal take on when I played them with Led Zeppelin.

So that’s why it’s my, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience and this is where I suppose it’s different from the others. But obviously one of the major differences is I have been lucky enough to have played with the band a couple of times. Not many of them can say that....

Doug Fox: Okay great. It seems to me, would you say that you’re closer to Robert than you are to Jimmy and John these days?

Jason Bonham: Yeah. I would say I speak to Robert more on a regular basis than I do to Jimmy and John but I find that there’s still kind of that closeness when we all see each other. It’s like we haven’t been apart for years and we carry on the conversation like we just left off, that’s how it has always been.

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Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience tour dates:

05/04 - Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre
05/05 - New Brunswick, NJ - State Theatre
05/06 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata Resort
05/07 - New Hampshire, CT - Capital Center
05/09 - Buffalo, NY - University PAC
05/10 - Westbury, NY - Theatre at Westbury
05/12 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis
05/14 - Toronto, ON - Sound Academy
05/15 - Greensburg, PA - Palace Theatre
05/17 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian
05/18 - St. Louis, MI - The Pageant
05/19 - Kansas City, MI - Harrah's Casino
05/20 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
05/21 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot
05/24 - Fremont, CA - Saddlerack
05/25 - Napa, CA - Uptown Theatre
05/26 - Sacramento, CA - Crest Theatre
05/27 - Los Angeles, CA - The Greek Theatre
05/28 - Las Vegas, NV - Alliente Casino

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