Monday, April 11, 2011

Ozzy Vs Taxman

Ozzy Vs Taxman

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne owe more than $1.7 million to the IRS in back taxes, according to documents obtained by the media outlet.
The IRS filed a document last Monday with the L.A. County Recorder's Office, claiming Ozzy and Sharon owe $718,948.25 for the 2008 tax year, and $1,024,175.03 for 2009.

Sharon also had a tax lien issue in 2009, when she owed $23,000 to the State of California for the 2007 tax year. Daughter Kelly is also on the hook

(That's a whole lotta taxes owed! Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we all have to do it at some point. What do you think Ozzy & Sharon's excuse is?)

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