Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fans Rule Motley Crue's Set List

Fans To Decide Motley Crue's Set List
By VintageVinylNews

If the fans don't like the choice of songs at this summer's Motley Crue shows, they'll have nobody to blame but themselves.

Starting today, a voting page will be up on the band's official website according to band member Nikki Sixx.

He said "We've decided to let the fans vote Crüe's set list for this summer's tour. Gonna put a voting page up at Motley.com Monday (April 18). You wanted it, you got it f**kers..."

The tour will include Poison and the New York Dolls in a first for the Crue.

According to Sixx, they always made it a policy to never tour with an artist from their era as did Poison but, with today's economy and fan tastes, it finally got to be time to break their rules.

He said, "...we were, like, 'You know, this time right now, economically, it's so bad for touring and for fans and for bands. What can we do to make the ultimate fan experience?’ All the hits, the show, they know all the music... And both bands put on just a killer show, and we're looking forward to it."

(Sounds like a great plan to me. The fans get to rule the set list, that's what I call interactive. Also Motley Crue touring with Poison is a great idea, double bang for the $$'s)

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