Thursday, February 03, 2011

Alice Cooper Sets Things Straight & Zings Robert Plant

Alice Cooper Addresses False Biopic Story
By VVN Music

Alice Cooper has been forced to take to his website to refute false reports recently posted on Holland's Veronica Radio website.

"To all you Sick Things out there,

There was a completely false "news" report in Veronica Radio's online magazine in Holland today (Friday, 28th January 2011), claiming that there is a forthcoming movie on Alice's life that will commence filming in February and also that this year's tour will be his last. Both of these "news" reports are completely false! Please do not believe these rumors".

In other Cooper news, Alice has criticized Robert Plant for not wanting to get back together with Led Zeppelin. He told the U.K.'s Independent, "I go out on stage and say 'turn it up'. I never get tired of playing my songs.

"They are just standing there. What is so hard? Jimmy Page wants to do it. John Paul Jones wants to do it. And they got Bonham]'s son Jason, who is a killer drummer. All they need is Robert Plant. But what is Robert Plant out there doing? Playing folk music! What is he doing?"

(Now that Alice set the record straight, it's all good. He really did let out a zing out at Robert Plant though. I would love to see Robert do some Led Zeppelin music with Jimmy JPJ and Jason, but it's clear that Robert is happy doing what he is doing now even if it isn't bombastic like Led Zeppelin. In the end to each their own, we all have to follow our own tune that which makes us most happiest. Please thy self.)

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