Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ringo Starr Home Could Be Saved

Ringo Starr Home Could Be Saved By Minister
By Paul Cashmere

A British minister has intervened to try and stop Ringo Starr’s childhood home from being demolished.

Last month, Liverpool Council gave the okay to pull down the house at 9 Madryn Street as part of an upgrade of buildings in the area.

Now Housing Minister Grant Shapps is speaking up for the Beatle fans and backing the historical value of the house.

The terrace house is located in the Dingle area of Liverpool. Shapps has asked the Liverpool council to postpone the demolition until alternative plans are considered. The request is purely a token gesture. If they refuse, then his department has the power to over-turn their decision.

However, this could cause a political time bomb for the area. Council did consult residents before making the decision and the majority of local residents want the property torn down.

Ringo was born at the house in 1940. It was built around 1919.

Under council plans, 445 terrace houses in the area are to be torn down. Ringo only lived at the property as a small child. His family moved to nearby Admiral Grove soon after he was born. That house still remains.

The childhood homes of the other Beatles are popular tourist destinations in Liverpool. John Lennon grew up at 251 Menlove Avenue, Paul McCartney at 20 Forthlin Road and George Harrison at 12 Arnold Grove.

The Lennon and McCartney homes are now heritage and run by the National Trust, George’s childhood home is still a private residence.

(Time will tell if Ringo's home stays or gets torn down. I guess as long as one of the houses that Ringo lived in stays around will be fine since he only lived in it for so little and the one he actually grew up at is not going to be torned down.)

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