Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ozzy Crashes New Ferrari

Ozzy Osbourne Gets License Then Crashes His New Ferrari
By VVN Music

It almost sounds like a script for their old series The Osbournes. 

Ozzy Osbourne just got his drivers license after years of not getting behind the wheel. To celebrate, he went out and bought himself a brand new Ferrari.

Unfortunately, with just twenty miles on the odometer, he managed to run into the back of another car, one driven by a lawyer.

Sharon Osbourne explained on her CBS show The Talk:

"Ozzy just recently passed his driving test and you know, every guy's dream from being a kid to 62, they've wanted to have a Ferrari.

"So he goes and gets himself one. It had 20 miles on the clock, he goes, 'I'm going driving.' He goes out, gets lost, doesn't know where he is and he hits another car. But the guy he hits is a lawyer.

"So then Ozzy has a wicked panic on, he says sorry, he gets out the car and the guy goes, 'I'm calling the police.' Ozzy goes, 'You don't have to, it's only a minor thing.' The guy goes, 'I'm a lawyer.' And Ozzy says, 'Jeez, it's just my luck, I hit Perry Mason.' It's like, of all the people in the world! This guy was being really lawyer-like, asking questions, being really strict. He was like, 'Don't you leave!' Ozzy was like, 'I'm not going anywhere.'"

Now poor Ozzy won't even get back in the car. "I keep telling him (to get back in the car). He's disappointed."

Osbourne said in a recent interview that it took him 19 tries to get his license including one attempt where he was so nervous he asked his doctor to prescribe tranquilizers. The bad part is that he fell asleep during the test and woke up with a note on the dashboard saying "Unfortunately, Mr. Osbourne has not passed the exam and would suggest that he never again try to drive this car."

(This story is just to funny, but I'm sure it wasn't for poor Ozzy. Just his luck to crash into a lawyer of all people, well it could have been worse, could have been a cop LOL.)

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