Friday, November 26, 2010

Happening Now Thru Monday @ Mystic Rock

Happening Now Thru Monday @ Mystic Rock - A Little Tour Thru The Boutique

Someone's knocking at my door someone's ringing the bell. Do me a favor, open the door and let 'em in...step inside to where all the iconic and legendary bands live here at Mystic Rock Boutique.

Follow me down the ancient gallery down the hall where you see the faces of rock's greatest bands. Timeless classics still commanding attention. There by the door way hangs a poster of an angel, a poet, clad in leather, the famous face of The Doors Jim Morrison.

Moving down the corrider we come to another door that reads The Zep Closet, let's take a peek inside. Well what have we here but everything Zeppelin you can imagine. I can live inside this closet for some time discovering all the treasures. Love to stay here but got to show you around the place.

We come to a case full of patches, stickers, rock buttons, bandanas and all those goodies that would be perfect for stocking stuffers! Through another passage way we enter another door and it's full of rock fashion accessories, totebags, messenger bags, handbags, wallets, scarves, even hair accessories. All through the hallways we see posters of rock bands, Blondie, The Ramones, The Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd to name a few and rooms with all kinds of Classic rock t-shirts.

Up stairs to the magic room it says. Up the stairs we go and enter a room thats purple & black, dark and all kinds of magical items, talismans & chimes hang all around, you can feel the room is alive with energy. Candles burning and Dragons Blood incense scents the room, a table with tarot cards and crystal ball on it. Oh and there she is Madame V, dressed in a long black lace dress, a bit witchy a bit vampire, definitely intriguing. On a sign it says 3 card reading for $25...maybe some other time!

Back down to where we first entered the hallway to the main room. Behind cases there are beautiful handmade items and jewelry by Vamp, one of a kind jewelry with mystique. The Mystic Rock logo banner hangs behind the counter and below it reads Black Friday special now thru Monday November 29 all online U.S. orders $15 & up are shipped FREE! That's a deal so much to pick from it's a no brainer and easy to get some cool gifts for Sister Susie, brother John' Martin Luther, Phil 'n' Don
Brother Michael, Auntie Gin, Uncle Ernie, Uncle Ian, Annie & Dawn, Dave & Michael even Sean. Go shopping for everyone on YOUR list!


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