Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rock n Roll Bandanas

Rock n Roll Bandanas

Our rock bandanas are a nice way to add a bit of rock to anything you wear. You might not always feel like wearing your favorite band's t-shirt, but still want to make a statement and let the world know what you're favorite band is.

You can wear them as a headband, tie around your wrist, hang off your back jean pocket, tie as a belt or from one of your belt loops, wear as a kerchief/skullcap, hang from your backpack, messenger bag, or handbag. You might decide you really would rather decorate your room with it. Can be used as a wall hanging, a table cover, wrap your tarot cards, the possibilities are endless.

Our bandanas are all screen printed and regular size about a square 22 inches give or take and inch. Browse and buy and get a few as gifts...one size and everyone can use this gift of rock! Shop it---> Rock Bandanas

Mystic Rock Boutique

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