Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Roger Waters Apologizes for Defacing Elliott Smith Memorial Wall

Roger Waters Apologizes for Defacing Elliott Smith Memorial Wall

Pink Floyd Roger Waters will be performing a series of The Wall Live shows this summer. In an effort to get word out a viral campaign was launched, in which street artists in LA and NYC were hired to place a Dwight Eisenhower quote onto several known and trendy spots around the cities.

Many felt he went too far with the tagging of the Elliott Smith memorial wall located on Sunset Blvd, and Waters has issued an apology. Turns out he had no idea who Elliott Smith even was, nor did the artists have any idea of the significance the wall holds for many LA/Silver Lake residents. Sigh. Read some excerpts of his apology below:

"It was absolutely an accident," Waters said. "I didn't want to disrespect Elliott Smith's fans, and I've instructed (the team) to remove the wheat paste immediately. It was a random pasting in the normal course of this, and I want to make it public that we had no intent to offend or cover up something precious."

"That's why I was so incensed when I read that article that said I paid someone to disrespect Elliott Smith," Waters said. "I admit I didn't know his music, but I've talked to people who do and it's clear he was a young man who felt deeply, and any empathetic person wouldn't have an issue with publicizing that quote."

(All in all it brings more people googling Elliott Smith)

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