Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ritual Candles For Spells

Ritually Charged Candles

These are 8" hand-dipped ritual candles, charged, anointed, and inscribed with Theban script by a powerful witch to assist you in, healing, love, & prosperity.

These candles are excellent to use in candle magic. Always good to have on hand, so when you feel the need to do a spell you don't have to go hunt down lots of ingredients. Simple to use just as they are, or you can add corresponding incense and oils to your workings.

Sold individually, you choose which ritual candle you need for your spell work. You may choose to let the candle burn down completely at one time as it releases your ritually strengthened thoughts into the universe, or you can light and concentrate upon the candle 3 days in a row, making sure to snuff the candle at the end of each session, rather than blowing it out.

Colors of these candles are blue, pink, green. Choose which candle you need for your ritual spell: Healing, Love, Abundance.

Buy our ritual candles at our boutique.

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