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Isis The Goddess of Magic

Isis The Goddess of Magic

Egyptian Goddess Isis is revered as Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. The ancient Egyptians saw Isis as a benevolent goddess, good and kind.

Isis was a winged goddess who represented all that was visible, birth, growth, development and vigor. She was a wind goddess. The kite was sacred to her, and she could transform herself into this bird at will. She brought the heavenly scent with her through the land, leaving lingering scenes of spices and flowers her wake. She brought fresh air with her into the underworld when she gave food to the dead. She represented both the life-giving spring winds of Egypt and the morning winds that hailed the arrival of the sun each day.

Egyptian mythology claims Isis was the daughter of the god Keb ("earth") and the goddess Nut ("sky"). She is often depicted holding the Ankh, the symbol of eternal life. She was represented as human in form though she was frequently described as wearing the horns of a cow. Her personality was believed to resemble that of Hathor, the goddess of love and gaiety. Isis was a powerful and magical healer, gifted with the ability to cure mind, body and spirit.

As the mother of Horus and wife of Osiris, Isis was adored and respected in a cult-like fashion during the Greco-Roman period before the rise of Christianity. She was a patron to many levels of society and led a colorful goddess life.

Isis a moon Goddess was called "The One Who Is All", Isis Panthea ("Isis the All Goddess"), and the "Lady of Ten Thousand Names". The Mother of Life, but she was also known as the Crone of Death. Her immense powers earned her the titles of "The Giver of Life" and "Goddess of Magic". She is simultaneously known as a creation goddess and a goddess of destruction.

In Magic spell crafters world-wide often summon Isis in rituals and incantations. Several ancient tales relate the use of Isis's power as the Goddess of Magic.

Primarily, one legend describes Isis as masterfully tricking the sun god Ra into revealing the sounds associated with his name. This secret revelation instantly gave her full access to the knowledge of creation and all of Ra's power.

Goddess Symbols of Isis

Full moon, images of madonna and child, rivers (especially the Nile) and the ocean, hair braids, cattails, papyrus, knots and buckles, stars,
the ankh symbol, throne, the rattle, diadem headdress (circular disk with horns), cow, wings, milk, perfume bottles, and March 5 (feast day), The knot of Isis Tiet read more here on the Knot of Isis Tiet http://www.knotofisis.net/Tiet.html

Sparrowhawk or kite, crocodile, scorpion, crab, snake (especially cobra), and geese

Cedar, corn, tamarisk, flax, wheat, barley, grapes, lotus, balsam, all flowers, trees and
all green plants

Tamarisk, lotus, balsam, amber oil, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and sweet orange

Gems and Metals:
Silver, gold, ebony, ivory, obsidian, lapis lazuli, and scarabs

Silver, gold, black, red, cobalt blue, and green

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