Thursday, December 24, 2009

John Lydon To Focus On PiL

John Lydon To Focus On PiL
by Tim Cashmere - December 23 2009

John Lydon has declared punk to be dead... again and The Sex Pistols are done and dusted.

“New punk bands are still doing what we produced 30 years ago,” he told The Daily Mail.

“The problem I have is that I can’t seem to write for the Pistols. Everything I have goes into Public Image, otherwise I’m splitting my character and I’m not bipolar.

“PiL is the deeper me. So if Pistols fans come to my latest tour expecting show tunes and elephants on stage, well, sorry.”

The Sex Pistols reformed in 2008 and toured the world - a move Lydon doesn’t regret, but admits that it is a thing of the past. He wants to look to the future with PiL once more.

“It feels very hard and harsh on me because every PIL song means so much emotionally,” a ponderous Lydon said.

“I cry every time I sing songs like Death Disco. I still remember my mum’s death and my dad’s last year.

“It’s overwhelming at times, but that’s what I asked for in my life. To be given the place to unleash all the things I truly believe in.”

PiL was the band Lydon, formed after The Sex Pistols disbanded in 1978. They were one of the most progressive and creative bands of the post-punk era with often impenetrable albums that contained hits such as ‘Death Disco’ (1979), ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ (1983) and ‘Rise’ (1986).

The band finish their U.K. tour tonight (Dec 23) at the Electric Ballroom in London.

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