Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stones Deny Charlie Is Leaving The Band

Stones Deny Charlie Is Leaving The Band

by Paul Cashmere - September 3 2009

It looks like only time will tell until we really know if Charlie Watts has hung up his drumsticks in the Rolling Stones.

A source close to the band told Undercover that Charlie has decided not to return to the Rolling Stones and has no interest doing another tour or recording on the next album.

The source also named Charlie Drayton from Keith Richards` other band The Expensive Winos as being prepped for the vacated drum stool.

The loss of Charlie Watts would be a major blow to the Stones. His impeccable timing is the backbone of their sound.

Yesterday’s story has gone right to the centre of the Stones empire with an announcement from Stones spokesperson Fran Curtis calling it a ‘”fabricated story”. Not quite. The story did not come from an anonymous email or from someone unconnected to the band. It was a reliable source.

The next phase of the Rolling Stones is yet to be announced. There is nothing on the calendar so far for 2010. The next major benchmark for the band will be in 2013. January 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of when Charlie joined the band.

Right now, we will take on board at face value the statement from Curtis saying “drummer Charlie Watts has not left The Rolling Stones” and look forward to hearing about what the Stones will do next.

Not every official announcement about an artist always turns out to be true. Not every reliable source always turns out to be right either.

Undercover does not make up stories. We write about what we hear Charlie has left the band.

Undercover is sticking by the absolute truth of the story until Charlie Watts himself denies it.

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