Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Power of Music

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The Power of Music

Take me on a music trip, kaleidoscope sound touching me deep within, feed my soul and essence, journey thru me...inspire take me to places unknown

Music inspires our emotions and touches us in ways that many other art forms never can. Music helps us express to others what we sometimes can't say. Music creates moods, can relax you, excite you...a full range of emotions come to you while listening to music. Without music the world would be a bit empty. Even space has it's own natural music...the buzz or hum of space if you I leave you with Long Live Rock :) or em Music.

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streetsmart said...

first time here in your site.
i agree, music can break or make anyone's day.

Vee said...

Welcome to my blog. Yes most positively music has immense power to transform one's mood.