Friday, May 22, 2009

Possible Creed CD in August

Creed Hoping For CD Release In August

After officially announcing their reunion in April, Creed is hoping to have a new album ready for an August release date. The effort is tentatively called Full Circle, and the group plans to record in Nashville with producer Howard Benson. Creed is just about ready to go into pre-production on the album, before their 10-week tour kicks off August 6 in Pittsburgh.

"We're excited to share (the new music) with our fans, and we really have a lot we want to prove," singer Scott Stapp told He says that Creed has "13, 14 songs that we would consider as album keepers... We've written more than that, but we've got this many that are fighting for a spot on the record. So we're in a good place."

When it comes to lyrical content, Stapp says there is a lot of reflection in the new material, focusing on reconnecting with his bandmates. "It's not a hopeless, complaining record," he explained. "It's telling stories, but it's also rocking out. We're rocking harder now with some of the songs than we ever have. It's from a different place and a different type of reflection and a different level of maturity, but we're a rock band, so there's still that brashness. There's a confidence and a swagger that I think we only feel collectively. Our music is fresh and still very connected to who we are and the sound we have, but it's also taken a natural evolution."

As for the reunion tour, Stapp added, "We're working on putting on the biggest rock show we've ever done. We're all better performers and entertainers now, and real confident in the songs. We're really excited to present where we are today and just be able to stand up and feel that we're relevant now as a band."

Source: FMQB

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