Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aerosmith Album Heading to Walmart

Source: FMQB

Aerosmith New Album Heading to Walmart
Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry may have let is slip that the band's next album will be released exclusively at Walmart, a la AC/DC's Black Ice. The CD has been delayed several times as Perry underwent knee surgery and singer Steven Tyler contracted pneumonia, and when asked about the delays by Entertainment Weekly, Perry said, "This is about the third time I’ve had to make excuses why the record isn’t out. You line everything up just right: Brendan O’Brien producing, Walmart and Sony screaming for the record, tour coming up, and there’s no record. We’re still in shock that it’s not happening." Meanwhile, the band is getting ready for its summer tour with ZZ Top, and Perry said Aerosmith will play one of its albums in its entirety... but he wouldn't say which one. "We’re going to pick an album and do it from front to back," he told EW. "Even though we do bits and pieces from all the albums, to me, there’s kind of a vibe that happens when you hear an album from beginning to end."

(I agree with Perry about the vibe thing when you play an album instead of songs here and there. Some albums are meant to be heard that way to get the most from them too. Dark Side

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